How to disassemble jaw crusher?

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Because the jaw crusher has been running in the bad working environment for a long time, it needs to break the ore, cement, stone and so on with high hardness. Therefore, the wear and tear is extremely great, and the replacement frequency of wear-resistant parts is high, which involves the disassembling of jaw crusher.

1. Disassembly of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher replacement is the most frequent thrust plate, that is, toggle plate.The overall connecting rod crusher must remove the thrust plate, first screw out the baffle bolt, cut off the dry oil and lubricating oil pipe, the thrust plate hanging on the crane hook or other lifting equipment, and then can release the horizontal rod end of the spring, the jaw to the fixed jaw direction, take out the thrust plate.If the rear thrust plate is to be removed, the connecting rod should be pulled apart with the front thrust plate and the moving jaw, and the rear thrust plate should be removed.

After the thrust plate is removed, cut off the thin oil lubrication pipe and cooling water pipe, support it with bracket under the connecting rod, and then remove the connecting rod cover to lift out the connecting rod.

The main shaft of the crusher should be removed together with the belt pulley and flywheel, the motor (together with the belt) along the sliding track to the crusher as close as possible, take off the triangle belt.Then lift the shaft with the crane.

To remove the jaw, you must first cut off the dry oil pipe, disassemble the rod, remove the bearing cover, and then use a crane or other lifting device to pull the jaw out.

2. Appropriate improvement in use

In the process of jaw breaking, the material and the jaw plate are in direct contact, and the jaw plate bears great crushing pressure, especially for some materials with higher hardness.The strong force will cause the mounting bolts of the jaw plate to loosen, which will increase the wear of the jaw plate, and even fall off or break.

When such a situation occurs, it is impossible to solve the problem only by tightening the jaw plate fastening bolts before the jaw crusher is started. It is necessary to conduct specific analysis and adopt feasible methods to solve the causes of loosening and falling off of the jaw crusher's crushing plate in the working process.For example, a spring can be installed on the fixed bolt to improve the anti-vibration ability of jaw plate fixed bolt, extend the service life of jaw plate, and improve the production efficiency and economic benefit of jaw crusher.

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