How to deal with the unreasonable air volume of grate cooler?

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The problem of grate cooler is the unreasonable design of air volume.

We order from the whole system with wind, the first is the kiln with air volume, because recently, kiln from grate cooler, followed by decomposing furnace with air volume, the rest is power generation, coal mill need not consider, as long as the kiln enough wind, wind of decomposing furnace is enough, the system is very stable, a sign of kiln is sufficient wind, is the length of the kiln, have smoke chamber temperature, deputy kiln, as long as there is vice kiln, kiln skin long and smoke chamber temperature is high, the phenomenon is the result of a lack of wind, the wind enough sufficient oxygen, the firing of coal in the calcining zone will fully burnt out, the lower the temperature of the later, will not be high temperature ward,A normal temperature in the flue gas chamber is a clear indication of adequate kiln air.

At present, the grate cooler is equipped with air according to the cooling clinker, which is basically divided evenly from front to back, resulting in insufficient air volume in the front end, excessive air volume in the middle, insufficient kiln air, hypoxia in the firing zone, long kiln skin, and high temperature in the smoke chamber. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to adjust or transform the front end of the grate cooler.

grate cooler

They are at a factory in the middle of the fixed slope directly opening, add a fan air supply, conditions are better, but the volume is not enough, they said the factory have superior thinking, the direction is right, we now make reform grate cooler is the front end to multiple blower, bellows, thin layer of air volume is small, low pressure, small fan, material thickness of fan, air volume, high pressure, large fines the air volume larger, higher pressure and a bigger fan.

Air volume calculation of difference: the grate cooler whether foreign or domestic, are calculated by clinker cooling air volume, we are calculated on coal air volume, in the condition of coal with air quantity per kg, with motor working failure rate, fan failure rate and other factors, there is no theoretical data, only our own mastery of practical data, per kilogram of coal by 7 cubic calculation, 2500 t/d calculated at about 6 tons of coal per hour, slope should use 4.2 cubic volume can meet the kiln with the wind;5000t/d per hour is calculated according to about 12 tons of coal, the slope should be provided with 84,000 cubic meters to meet the demand of kiln wind. If the demand is not enough, the length of kiln skin, high temperature of smoke chamber and even long sub-kiln skin will appear.Then see how much coal decomposition furnace, also with coal per kg 7 cubic calculation, slope at the back of one room and the first half of the second room is for decomposing furnace with the wind, if the volume is not enough, it is equally true that lack of wind decomposition furnace, slope, a room, two room combined air volume if not kiln with the wind, high temperature fan is about to pull the wind behind the grate cooler, system resistance is big;Because the clinker temperature on the slope is the highest, if the air volume is enough, the cooling speed is fast, which is not only good for heat return to the kiln, but also good for the quench, strength and abrasion of the clinker.The clinker heat can be basically recovered in slope, one-chamber and two-chamber, the system process will be very stable, but there will be a certain loss of power generation, power generation is very high, do not ask the kiln certainly not good.

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