How to bake cement kiln preheater refractory effect better

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After refractory operation, curing and baking are very important.Because in this process, the most feared thing is that the quality of the material itself is very good, the construction is also very good, is the final baking is too urgent, resulting in the final use of expectations.

1. How do we bake it

(1) set up a wood pile for baking.Adopt "#" type to build firewood pile with kiln diameter 3/2 high and length 4 meters in the end of kiln.

(2) open the exhaust hole on the top of the preheater and the C1 manhole door, lift and fix the flap valve of the blanking tube of all levels.

(3) sprinkle an appropriate amount of diesel oil on the wood and ignite it. Be careful not to sprinkle diesel oil on the firebrick.

(4) gradually add firewood from the smoke chamber at the end of the kiln to raise the temperature. The temperature rise rate is at the heat source.

(5) temperature measurement shall be conducted in the temperature measurement hole of C1, and the principle is to keep the temperature 90~100 ℃ for 72 hours.When the temperature is less than 90 degrees Celsius, the appropriate amount of temperature rise can be adjusted, but the temperature at the heat source must be ≤600 degrees Celsius.


2. Several points to be paid attention to in baking

(1) during the baking of castable under natural conditions, it shall not be less than 72 hours after drying.

(2) when drying, all the exhaust holes of all levels of preheater should be opened to ensure that all steam is discharged.

(3) the drying must be carried out in accordance with the designed baking curve. After the drying process is completed, the equipment should be put into operation in time to protect the material and reduce the impact.

(4) prevent moisture from entering during baking.

(5) check the preheater after the baking operation to ensure that the firebrick does not fall and the castable lining meets the requirements.

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