How much does the ball mill cost?

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Ball mill is one of the necessary equipment in mineral concentrator. It is mainly used to work before separation and after crushing. After crushing, it is used to grind ore to assist crushing and make the particle size of materials meet the requirements before dressing.

In the whole mill equipment investment accounted for about 30% of the entire production line, good for example, a plant investment of 40 million, then the ball mill part to 1.2 million.

Generally according to the type of ball mill specifications, size ratio, material quality, etc., the price of the ball mill pricing standards are different, a ball mill less than 100,000, more than a million.

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Like a wet MQGg1515 type energy-saving grate ball mill, width 5.744 meters high, 3.075 meters, 2.28 meters, the processing capacity in 1.4 ~ 4.5 t/h, into the material particle size range in 12 to 25 mm, grinding fineness can reach 0.074 ~ 0.3 mm, this machine is suitable for small mill used in ball mill prices ranging from 120000 to 800000 (including the price range of second-hand ball mill reference).

Why is the price difference of ball mill so big?What are the pricing criteria?In general, the price of ball mill will involve the ball mill material, model size, accessories and accessories materials, in addition to the production cost, worker cost and their own brand value, so each manufacturer's ball mill price quotation is not quite the same and the pricing standards are different.So the general ball mill manufacturers pricing are considered?


1, ball mill material

Ball mill barrel, bracket, accessories and other materials, to ensure the quality of the ball mill, in the choice of materials, most will choose the high degree of metal steel material, plastic good, strong bearing capacity, and also have a certain impact resistance capacity.Generally, there are ordinary structural steel plate, 16Mn steel and A3 steel quality, etc., because the price of steel is different, so the choice of the ball mill material is one of the criteria to determine the high or low price of the ball mill.

2, ball mill supplies, accessories

Ball mill grinding is not only completed by the barrel, its main consumable material is ball mill steel ball, the material, size, quality and other factors are also one of the criteria to determine the price of ball mill.Steel ball material is weak and the price will be cheaper, but the replacement frequency will be more frequent and the waste of the ball will be more. If the steel ball material is good and the strength is high, the price will be correspondingly more expensive, but the overall wear time is long and the waste of steel ball is less.Therefore, comprehensive evaluation is needed to select the price in Shanghai.

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Another is the ball mill lining board, the choice of its material is the main factor that determines the price of the ball mill, the common ball mill lining board, manganese steel lining board, alloy lining board and rubber lining board, each has its own characteristics, according to the specific needs to consider the choice of material, so the ball mill price standard is not the same.

3. Model and size of ball mill

Single ball mill, different model size of its price is different, what's more, the same type of ball mill model size is not the same, the number of raw materials used will be different, generally small model ball mill price is cheaper, model large ball mill price is more expensive.

4. Production cost and worker cost of ball mill

Ball mill in the production side, in addition to conventional ball mill production, some powerful manufacturer will upgrade for ball mill, new product development, etc., in this respect, every breakthrough point, the price will be a little rise, the equipment after injected a large amount of human effort, on the base version, the effect is certainly have obvious changes, both on the energy saving and efficiency, so on the production and the cost of workers, depends on a manufacturer to select talents.

The above are just some factors that will be taken into consideration in the price and pricing of ball mill, and some are the manufacturer's own factors, such as brand awareness, etc. Jiangsu LVSSN can provide high quality and efficient cement factory construction, please consult our customer service or leave a message to us, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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