How many stones can each type of jaw crusher handle?

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With the development of economic construction, the pace of industrial production is constantly advancing, especially in the rapid development of construction projects, cement production has become a widely concerned target.Jaw crusher plays different roles in different fields.Crusher is also divided into coarse and fine crushed stone.It is used in mining, cement, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries.

1. Application of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is a comprehensive and efficient stone breaker.It can be used for rough processing of thick and high hardness stone, also can be used for medium and fine crushing of small brittle stone.It is the most widely used of all series.Especially for high standard and high grade projects such as expressway and high-speed railway that need high strength requirements for finished stone materials, jaw crusher and other equipment need to produce high-quality sandstone aggregate.

jaw crusher

2..Classification of jaw crushers


Jaw crusher can be divided into:

Hydraulic jaw crusher, non-grinding jaw crusher, impact jaw crusher, direct drive jaw crusher, double chamber jaw crusher, wedge roller jaw crusher, European jaw crusher, strong jaw crusher, modular jaw crusher.

jaw crusher

Their advantages are:

(1) compact and simple structure

(2) stable performance

(3) wide adjustment range of discharge port

(4) the ratio of breakage is large

(5) energy saving of equipment

(6) strong wear resistance of parts

jaw crusher

3. Processing capacity of different types of jaw crusher

The feeding port size of the jaw crusher type pe-1800 ×2100 is 1800×2100mm, the feeding size is 1500mm, the adjusting range of the feeding port is more than 300-400mm/TD, and the processing capacity is 600 120 tons/hour.The eccentric shaft speed is more than 160r/min/TD, and the motor power is 400kw.

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