Where there is a high rate of ceramic ball mill, moderate prices of manufacturers

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  Where there is a high rate of ceramic ball mill, the price of moderate manufacturers, jiangsu lvssn independent research and development of new ceramic ball mill powder rate is high, is independent production.For fine powder processing and production, the application of ceramic ball mill is undoubtedly an effective helper to promote the development of powder industry. In the process of glaze fine powder processing and production, the new ceramic ball mill elaborately developed by LVSSN further meets the needs of glaze fine powder processing and becomes an ideal equipment for the healthy development of glaze industry.
lvssn ceramic ball mill

  The ceramic ball mill developed and produced by LVSSN of jiangsu has high powder yield, scientific and reasonable model selection, stable operation, energy saving and energy saving, and environmental protection.

  Can grind up to more than 200 kinds of materials, discharge fineness up to nearly a thousand eyes, can meet a variety of production needs, is a small investment, fast return to the cost of economic fine powder equipment.
Types of grinding

  In our life, ceramic products are everywhere. The glossy ceramic coat adds more beauty to ceramic products, and this coat is ceramic glaze.

  Ceramic glaze is mainly quartz, feldspar, clay as raw materials, after grinding powder applied to the appearance of ceramics, is an important decorative stone, in the ceramic sector occupies an important market position.

  Glaze can be divided into high and low grades. Jiangsu LVSSN glaze ceramic ball mill not only produces high powder rate, but also produces fine powder with high purity, good color, no agglomeration and ideal fineness, which is a high quality raw material in short supply in the high-end glaze market.
Ceramic ball mill for grinding ore

  Jiangsu LVSSN glaze ceramic ball mill adopts reasonable and reliable structural design, advanced ball grinding technology and intelligent integrated plate operation, which not only increases the range of receiving materials for the tank, but also reduces the labor intensity of personnel and operators, making glaze processing and production more efficient and easy to operate.

  The mill can meet the standard of energy saving and environmental protection when the glaze powder is used.
Ceramic ball mill finished product

  Closed circuit negative pressure grinding, tank seamless seal, built-in dust collection and dust removal device, can be very good recovery of dust, no dust pollution in the operating environment;

  This mill has few running parts, and the energy consumption of self-grinding porcelain ball is 1/10,000. When the same amount of glaze is ground, the electricity consumption, oil consumption and energy consumption of self-grinding can be reduced by about 50% compared with similar products.

  Lvssn's glaze ceramic ball mill has served hundreds of customers, and its strong technical advantages have been supported and praised by many customers.

  Although glaze ceramic ball mill is very popular, but as a manufacturer, we pay more attention to customer interests, therefore, the price of this machine is very reasonable, regardless of the size of the model, our quotation is the most advantageous.

  Jiangsu LVSSN has been focusing on the r&d and production of grinding equipment for many years. Relying on the company's good reputation among users, many kinds of grinding equipment produced by LVSSN, such as glaze fine grinding machine, acid-proof ball mill, energy-saving ceramic ball mill, quartz sand ball mill and so on, are top-selling products.

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