Grid type and overflow type ball mill working principle of the difference

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Ball mill is a common grinding equipment used in mineral processing. After years of development, the ball mill is widely used in various industrial sectors.Ball mill classification on the basis of a lot of, such as mining way, whether there is water in grinding process and transmission way, barrel length to diameter ratio, etc., row mining method is a commonly used the classification of wet ball mill, usually in accordance with the classification method of ball mill can be divided into grid type and overflow type ball mill, in the principle of the two kinds of ball mill are briefly introduced.

Grid type ball mill, the main components of this kind of ball mill is a cylinder with a reasonable ratio of length and diameter. When it runs, the motor drives the cylinder to do rotary movement through the transmission part.While the cylinder is rotating, the lining plate embedded in its inner wall is used to drive the steel ball and raise it to a certain height. Due to the different rotating speed of the cylinder, the steel ball is in the mill to do falling, dropping and centrifugal movement, and the impact of the steel ball on the ore, grinding and other functions are used to crush the ore.The grinding process is the full separation of the useful minerals in the main ore to provide raw materials for subsequent processing.The continuous ore feeding at the ore feeding end forms a pressure towards the ore discharging direction on the ore in the cylinder, under the action of this pressure, the polished ore moves towards the ore discharging direction and finally is discharged.The inner side of the end cover of grid ball mill is divided into 8 fan Chambers by 8 radial bars. Fan interior wall is inlaid with dustpan shaped lining board, and fan exterior side is installed with grid lining board. The ground pulp enters the fan chamber through the grid lining board, flows into the hollow shaft neck during the rotation of the fan chamber, and is finally discharged.Grid type ball mill discharge in time, large capacity, product size uniformity.

Overflow type ball mill. The grinding process of this mill is exactly the same as that of grid type ball mill. It is to complete crushing by using the effect of steel ball on ore in the falling process.The discharge mode of overflow ball mill is non-mandatory. The inner diameter ratio of hollow shaft neck at the discharge end is larger than that at the feeding end. During the grinding process, the slurry is inclined towards the discharge end.Compared with the grid type ball mill overflow type ball mill has a small product particle size, mainly used for the second stage grinding, but the product is seriously worn, the discharge speed is slow, the processing capacity is small.

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