Energy saving technology of pulverized coal burner

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Pulverized coal burner is very energy consuming industrial equipment, in the usual operation process, due to some improper operation, will affect the use of pulverized coal machine performance, virtually also consumed a lot of energy, how to increase the output of pulverized coal machine?How to maximize the future benefits has always been a research project of many companies. Therefore, integrating environmental protection and energy conservation into technology and adopting the correct use method can save energy.

How to increase the output of its pulverized coal machine?

When the materials contain water is larger, the material easy to get the next appear in the process of the material conveying jam, that is to say material within the crusher easy adhesion, this will cause broken ability decreases, and for this kind of problem, the material selection is to strictly control the temperature of the material, especially if the selected material temperature is too big, can use the methods such as dried or sunshine to reduce the moisture in the material.For viscosity, easy to adhere to the material, easy to adhere to the wall of the broken cavity, if not timely cleaning, this will affect the crusher's work efficiency, too serious may affect the normal work.That's something to watch out for.

When selecting a material, special attention should be paid to the viscosity of the material can not too big, the more hard material broken up and the corresponding difficult, slow to broken, the broken corresponding ability is corresponding smaller, but also for the wear and tear of equipment becomes more of a problem, so this needs us in the choice of materials to be moderate.For the requirement of material fineness after crushing, the fineness requirement is higher, the corresponding crushing out of the material will be finer, the capacity of the crusher will also reduce, this depends on the specific requirements of the manufacturer, if there is no special requirements, the material fineness can be adjusted to medium fine.

In addition, the pulverized coal burner to carry out regular maintenance, if damaged parts should be replaced in time, so as not to affect the work of the machine.Even regular maintenance, often on the lubricating oil.

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