Double the output of intelligent cement in cement factories

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Intelligent technology is computer technology, precision sensor technology and highly integrated application of GPS positioning technology, precision sensor technology by sensing the infrared heat, sound, such as biometric produce pulse signal, the transmission of the information collecting, sorting, to the computer server, through the analysis to achieve the objective of the control program.

With the promulgation and implementation of China's made in China 2025 white paper, intelligent technology ushered in a golden period of vigorous development, and these high technologies began to penetrate into people's production and life with great convenience.

Combined with these high-tech intelligent technology into the traditional manufacturing industry, participate in the production and processing of traditional industries and information collection and collation, provides scientific data support for enterprises to analyze industry trends, has a wide range of influence.

I have learned from Jiangsu Lvssn that Jiangsu Lvssn started in the cement EPC engineering industry and has accumulated valuable experience in the production, management and operation of cement plants in the process of serving cement owners for many years.

As domestic cement enterprises mature, green's company to develop intelligent focus to the field of cement, by combining video recognition, artificial intelligence, data analysis, distributed computing and so on the many kinds of cement production management, technology fusion successfully launched smart screen monitoring, intelligent control, production factory personnel positioning, vehicle monitoring, production data acquisition and industrial data statistical analysis and so on many essential features of practical cement plant management.

These software have been successfully developed and actively tested in cooperation with cement manufacturers. The results show that the application of this software can not only make cement production management more intelligent and transparent, but also improve product yield and production and processing efficiency.

Enterprise application software can reduce the operating cost of enterprises, significantly increase the economic benefits of enterprises, and provide digital support for the development direction of cement enterprises through scientific data.

As a star of the intelligent products of the company - "equipment inspection robot", can adapt to high strength cement production environment of high temperature high dust environment, 24 hours real-time patrol cement production each link, to provide diversified support and services to cement the owner, comprehensive Internet of things and the robot of artificial intelligence and advantage products can solve the traditional cement industry "information island" and data transparency.

This robot intelligent inspection system is composed of robot, wireless base station, guide rail, remote control system and intelligent identification system. It is mainly used for intelligent procedures to realize the inspection work in the production areas, and it is of great significance to reduce inspection personnel and timely find production faults!

As a big country, industrial manufacturing and artificial intelligence in our country is better, the basis of processing and manufacturing in countries offered incentives to help enterprise transformation and upgrading, to promote the field of artificial intelligence in more traditional fields penetration, high level integration will bring new vitality to the enterprise, but also need to be more like Jiangsu Lvssn such enterprises will own software products into traditional cement manufacturing field, cultivates the high-tech achievements.

While improving its own value, we will help upgrade the manufacturing industry, enhance global competitiveness and achieve more economic benefits.

Hope through the above "intelligent application of cement factory, cement output doubled" introduction here, want to know more please pay attention to!

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