Do you know how to tell if a ball mill is swollen?

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In the production of the mill, the barrel is almost in a closed state, so it can only judge the working condition according to some changes in the operation of the equipment. Do you know which aspects to judge whether the ball mill is "swollen"?

1. The change of mill sound

When the mill is in operation, the inner steel ball, ore and cylinder liner will make a greater sound due to collision.Under different running conditions, the size of the space in the mill is different and the sound will be different.

Under the condition of normal loading amount, when the amount of ore in the cylinder body is too small, the collision between the steel ball and the cylinder body is more, and the collision sound between the steel ball and the cylinder body can be clearly heard outside the cylinder body (except for rubber lining plate).At the same time, due to the collision between the metal in the mill, coupled with a large space, good echo effect, can be heard in the discharge box from the discharge horn inside a piece of clear metal impact sound, even the rubber lining plate is the same.When more serious "distension" occurs, the metal impact sound cannot be heard (or only faint) outside the cylinder and inside the mine drain box.When the ore amount in the mill is normal, the situation is between the above two. Both the outside of the cylinder and the ore discharge box can hear a certain degree of metal percussion sound. The sound size and the degree of clearness vary according to the ore amount in the cylinder.

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2. Change of ore discharge by mill

The change of ore discharge mainly includes the change of ore particle composition and ore discharge amount and ore discharge concentration.

The change of ore size composition is the most common way to judge the condition of mill.Ore particles from the process of feeding into the mill to discharge, some are ground finer, some are still coarser, production requirements, ore discharge in the largest particle size does not exceed the lattice plate aperture, all levels have.When the ore size of the same ore body is basically stable, the composition of ore size discharged from the same mill also has a certain rule.

When the ore amount in the mill is insufficient, the composition of ore discharge particle size is not obviously different from that under normal conditions. However, when the mill "distend" reaches a certain degree, the content of fine grade in ore discharge will be significantly reduced due to poor grinding effect. When serious "distend" occurs, the ore discharge particle size is mostly close to the aperture of grid plate.

The ore discharge quantity and ore discharge concentration are interrelated. When the ore discharge quantity in the mill is too small, the ore discharge quantity becomes smaller and the concentration becomes thinner.When the ore amount is too much, the ore discharge will become small and the concentration will become thin due to the poor grinding effect.

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3. Change of grinding current

When the ball mill is in normal operation, the ammeter pointer indicating the current of its main motor will always swing in a small range, indicating that the current change is small.

Once appear "belly" problem, because of the increased amount of ball mill in the material, the effective space occupied by a large number of materials to medium range is small, to improve the medium loss of useful work and the focus of ball mill load, ore (medium), which deviates from the mill center distance, eccentric can reduce resistance moment, overcome resistance torque required to power down, mill always reduce the energy consumption, then the current reading will be reduced.

The more serious the problem is, the more the current decreases.Therefore, once the ball mill operator found that the current gradually decreased, should be timely adjusted.

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