Do you know how to add steel balls to a ball mill?

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Ball mill, a common grinding equipment in concentrator, is the quality assurance of ore processing, which is related to the production efficiency and product quality of ore processing.The most important part of the ball mill is the steel ball. Do you know how to add steel ball to the ball mill?

The steel ball in the ball mill belongs to consumables and needs to be supplemented from time to time.When studying the problem of adding steel ball, we can analyze it from the following three aspects: filling rate of steel ball, size of steel ball and material of steel ball.


1. Steel ball filling rate

ball mill

The steel ball serves as the main task of ball mill grinding, so the number of steel ball in the mill naturally has an inseparable relationship with the strength of grinding.

In terms of physical phenomena, more ball loading leads to more strike times, larger grinding area and stronger grinding effect.On the contrary, less ball, grinding action will naturally weaken.From the mechanical phenomenon, more ball, the consumption of energy is also greater, the productivity of the mill is also large.

In addition, the ball mill also includes ore and water, actual power and theoretical power between a certain gap.At a high speed, the ball is in the dropping state, and the situation is complicated.

Under a certain filling rate, the ball will change from falling state to falling state with the increase of turning speed.However, under different filling rates, the rotation speed required for the ball to be dropped from dropping to dropping is also different. The higher the filling rate is, the higher the rotation speed required for the ball to be dropped.

In conclusion, it can be known that the filling rate of steel balls has its corresponding adaptive value at different rotating speeds, and the higher the better. However, how to find the adaptive filling rate needs to be determined accurately through the ore dressing test.


2. Size of steel ball

Ball mill steel ball

The ore is ground in the ball mill, which is mainly realized by the impact crushing force produced when the steel ball is dropped and the relative sliding of the steel ball to the ore.Impact crushing force, grinding capacity and handling capacity have a certain relationship with the size of the ball.

The test results show that the size of the steel ball is directly proportional to the impact crushing force, grinding capacity and handling capacity generated by the falling steel ball, and inversely proportional to the energy consumption and grinding fineness of the steel ball in a certain range.The size of steel ball is too large, which may lead to the impossibility of grinding particle size.

Therefore, when the hardness of the grinding ore is larger, the grain size is larger and the grain size of the grinding ore is larger, the size of the steel ball is appropriately increased, which has a significant effect in increasing production, saving energy and reducing consumption.


3. Steel ball material

Ball mill

It is known that the steel ball is easily worn in the grinding process of the ball mill.Steel ball material is different, quality, hardness is different, wear degree is different naturally.

(1) the characteristic hardness, impact value and crushing rate of low chromium, medium chromium and high chromium casting balls are related to the metallographic structure of the steel;

The greater the chromium content, the better the wear resistance.

(2) the forging ball is characterized by high impact toughness;Not easily deformed;Low crushing rate.

(3) the characteristics of hot rolled steel ball new technology, geometric shape round;Accurate size;High hardness, good mechanical properties;Resistant to abrasion, deformation and cracking.

Generally speaking, casting ball is suitable for dry grinding and forging ball is suitable for wet grinding. It is a commonly used ball mill in the world to grind mineral medium. Hot-rolled steel ball is gradually replacing casting ball to become a high-quality steel ball.In the choice of steel ball material, or according to the treatment of materials and economic conditions of the selection plant comprehensive decision.

The above describes the three aspects that need to be considered when choosing ball mill steel ball, but specific problems still need specific analysis.How to add ball mill steel ball is a problem that needs to be considered in many aspects.I suggest you and the manufacturer to ask,

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