Detailed explanation of vertical grinding vibration

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Because the company's production line has been put into production, the vertical grinding of raw materials has appeared a large vibration phenomenon.During production, the consumption is high due to vibration and the equipment stops.

In order to solve this problem, technicians constantly analyze the causes of vertical mill vibration, and explore solutions from controlling the fluctuation of raw materials, developing new cutting devices, and consolidating the foundation of reducer.

Cause analysis,

Under normal conditions, the reasons for vertical grinding vibration are as follows:

1) the impact of foreign body entering the grinding machine causes vibration;

2) the material layer is too thick, which causes the material layer to lift the grinding roller and produce vibration;

3) the thickness of the material layer is too low, which leads to the contact between the grinding roller and the grinding disc and causes vibration;

4) unreasonable structure of feeding device, system clogging, causing vibration;

5) high air volume, low material and vibration, low air volume, too much material, low vibration;

6) the grinding particle size is too large, the centrifugal effect is obvious, the shape of the inner material layer is high and shallow, the external circulation increases, the vibration is large;

7) the grinding particle size is too small, the grinding material is suspended in the grinding machine, the grinding disc material is less, the vibration is larger.

From the field working conditions analysis, the company's limestone all procurement, raw material quality fluctuations, long-term instability.Due to the fluctuation of raw materials, water and particle size are usually unreasonable, the sealing effect of the inlet is not good, easy to block the material.The phenomenon of jumping and stopping;After inspection, it was found that the local deformation of vertical grinding reducer bottom plate and reducer chassis bottom was not closely connected.

Combined with the operation data of vertical rolling mill, the feed quantity is suitable for operation, the current is not high, but the vibration value is too large, especially the horizontal vibration reaches 8.5mm/s.Judging large vibration, material composition fluctuation, feed device wear, poor sealing effect.This is due to easy clogging and reducer foundation loose three main reasons.

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