Damage reason of vertical grinding reducer

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1) The main reason for damage of the speed reducer is that the rust and the lubricating oil contained in the reducer contain water. The direct cause of corrosion is that the speed reducer and the lubrication system are not activated during the long-time shutdown or are maintained as required.

2) failure to check and find the damage of filter core in petrol station and the contamination of lubricating oil as soon as possible may lead to the blockage of the inlet hole of the planet wheel shaft and the damage of the oil film in the sleeve bearing caused by insufficient oil supply or damage to the oil film in the sleeve bearing, which may also be an important cause of the damage of the reducer.

If the cause of vertical grinding equipment jump and stop and the source of metal debris on the surface of oil filter core are not found out, the regrinding may expand the damage degree of reducer. Other enterprises have used the same type of reducer, and the whole system has jumped and stopped due to the high pressure difference alarm of the filter of the petrol filling station, and metal debris has also been found in the inspection of the filter of the petrol filling station.

Due to the timely inspection of the disassembly reducer, only one main planet gear and planet wheel shaft were jammed and locked and damaged, and the main planet gear frame was not damaged, thus reducing the maintenance cycle and accident loss.

Response measures


Based on the above analysis and summary, the following measures are recommended to avoid similar accidents:

1) Strengthen the basic training on the operation, maintenance and management of the speed reducer and the lubricating system, especially the precautions for long-time shutdown in the speed reducer specification, and solve the initial problems and the training of the measures.

2) It is recommended that the lubricating oil be tested every month, and the project has viscosity, moisture and mechanical impurities. Through the detection of the oil sample, the water content and the pollution condition of the lubricating oil can be found in time, the internal running condition of the speed reducer is mastered, and the reliability of lubrication is guaranteed.

3) Strengthen the inspection of the equipment, and check the surface of the filter element of the oil station for impurities and damage, and observe the operation parameters of the speed reducer and the lubricating system and the operating conditions of the equipment. It is also important to improve the service life of the speed reducer.

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