Comparison of impact crushers at home and abroad

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The vertical shaft impact crusher takes the impeller diameter as the specification standard, divides into the open type and the closed type according to the impeller form.According to whether the shell is equipped with counterattack plate can be divided into stone beating and stone beating 2 kinds of crushing mode, thus combining into 4 basic forms.From the international point of view, the advanced technology of vertical shaft impact crusher is embodied in three aspects: flexible mechanical properties, excellent wear resistant materials and parts design, effective dust control.At least the first two are common to the domestic market.

In terms of wear resistant materials and parts design, design the material on the vertical shaft impact crusher material cushion to replace the liner as wearing parts, therefore, to improve the service life of wear parts wear resistant material can be decomposed into parts design and application of two aspects, for example, the second generation of the impeller design used outside diameter welding wear-resisting material, now the advanced component design, material mat protection method has been adopted to cancel the expensive chrome alloy steel welding.

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In addition, in terms of technical performance, the open impeller will allow 100-150mm grain size, and there is no commercial open impeller vertical shaft vertical shaft impact crusher available to the market.Therefore, in the sand field, the domestic vertical shaft impact crusher can only be used as three or four crushing equipment and can not be used as two crushing equipment abroad.Foreign companies have impeller diameter up to 1.6m, supporting the motor power up to 1103kW equipment, suitable for a variety of extra-large production lines, and the domestic shaft impact crusher specifications rarely exceed 1.2m.

Advanced impeller channel can change between 3 to 7, with different structure and different speed of fit to adapt to the different material and feed grade, to achieve high sand content and need not fineness modulus, and domestic closed rotor basically four channels of fixed and rarely change, so the poor adapt to different working condition.

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