Common faults and solutions of roller press

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Roller press is widely used in cement grinding, and many of them form a combined grinding system with pipe grinding. It is an effective grinding form with high grinding efficiency and improving cement particle gradation.There are also a variety of fault forms in operation,common faults and solutions of roller press


1. Typical fault performance

roller press

1.1 low yield of fine powder

The fine powder production rate of the roller press indicates the work level and efficiency of the roller press.Firstly, the pressure is low. If the oil cylinder pressure is low in production, the pressure in the extrusion area will be insufficient, and it is difficult to reach the crushing limit pressure of the material. As a result, there will be less fine powder.Second, roll press roll surface damage, roll surface convex concave deep, resulting in local material compression degree insufficient, coarse particles.Third, the side plate failure, edge effect increased, without compression and escape more.Fourth, material segregation phenomenon is heavier, one side of the large particles, the other side of the fine powder, resulting in a large change in the roller gap, some fine particles will take the opportunity to slip away when the roller gap becomes larger.

1.2 large vibration of roller press

As a roller press, due to the instability of the material particles, the ability to resist the material reaction is insufficient, moving the roller forward and backward movement is normal, but if the movement is too large, such as the impact on the roller gap, impact on the transmission can not be considered normal, the reasons are also several aspects.Firstly, the pressure is insufficient. When the pressure is insufficient, the moving roller will move quickly before and after the material is pushed by the hard and large material into the gap of the roller, and the vibration will start from here.Second, bearing damage, when the bearing damage, shaft positioning failure, vibration will be inevitable, and accompanied by abnormal sound, bearing heat.Third, reducer failure.Fourth, material segregation or foreign matter into the roller gap.

1.3 frequent jump and stop of roller press

Roller press jump stop, generally have the following reasons, the first is motor overload, bearing heat and other failures, protection components command stop.Second reducer vibration overlimit, temperature overlimit, mandatory jump stop.Third, the roller press main bearing hot jump stop.The fourth, roller machine roller gap gap differential jump stop, this is the roller machine jump stop the most common fault, mainly caused by insufficient pressure or material segregation.Fifth, a component fault, such as open thermal elements, displacement sensor failure.

1.4 the roller suddenly loses pressure

Roller press sudden loss of pressure, mostly caused by hydraulic system failure, such as energy storage capsule rupture, valve damage leakage, cylinder leakage.

2. Troubleshooting solutions

roller press

2.1 improve the yield of fine powder

The production rate of fine powder mainly depends on the pressure, the oil pressure should be appropriately raised, pay attention to the side of the baffle plate, through clearance adjustment to reduce the edge effect, reduce the raw materials escaped without extrusion.Through the transformation of weightless warehouse, material segregation can be relieved to avoid fine powder slipping away naturally from roller seam.

2.2. Methods to reduce the vibration of roller press

Reduce the roller press vibration, the most effective way is to increase the roller pressure, the greater the pressure, the greater the damping effect on the vibration, vibration naturally reduced.Second, is the segregation of materials and foreign matter into.Encounter the vibration of the roller press, to conduct detailed observation and research, determine the source of vibration, appropriate medicine.

2.3 sudden stop or frequent stop of the roller press

The frequent stop-start of the roller press often occurs in the gap of the roller.Material segregation causes roller askew, and the entry of foreign matter also causes roller gap out of tolerance.Third, to check whether the roll surface peeling damage.If it stops suddenly, the cause should be found out.For example, whether the motor fault or overload protection, whether the heat of reducer and main engine bearing exceeds the set temperature, whether the vibration value is normal, etc.

2.4 the roller suddenly loses pressure

If the hydraulic system suddenly loses pressure, first check whether the load cell fails, check whether there is hydraulic oil leaking on the ground, if there is any, it must be the rupture and damage of pipelines and valves;If there is no such phenomenon, it is the internal hydraulic components damage, energy storage device rupture, one by one, after finding out the problem, timely treatment can be.At the same time, it is emphasized that effective measures should be taken to pick up the foreign body if it enters, or it will cause more damage.

The above is the roller press some common failures or typical failures of the analysis and treatment, if you have better advice and I can leave a message online.

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