Cement roller bearing lubrication

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As an energy-saving grinding equipment, roller mill is widely used for grinding materials in cement industry and other industries.At present, the domestic cement enterprises have hundreds of roller presses in operation.

Roller press consists of frame, two roller system, transmission device, torque support, roller cover, feeding device, hydraulic (pressurization) system, main bearing lubrication system, dry oil lubrication system, electrical system and other parts.In the process of work, roller bearing is the main power transfer components, but also the key mechanical maintenance device.Roller press imported bearing prices are expensive, a set of more than 200,000 yuan, four sets of bearings nearly one million yuan.Therefore, for roller bearing lubrication maintenance is very important.The normal service life of the design is 8 to 10 years, which can be extended by proper lubrication and improve the grinding efficiency of the whole system.

Operating conditions of cement roller press:

1. The overloading

2. Run at low speed

3. The dust

4.Large impact load

According to the operating conditions, we should consider the following lubrication requirements when choosing lubricant:

1. Large oil film thickness and strong adhesion;

(base oil viscosity >1000cSt)

2. Strong extreme pressure bearing capacity;

(four-ball welding load >400KG)

3. Shock load resistance, additional solid lubrication protection is required (e.g. graphite)

4. Good pumping type, stable structure, wide operating temperature range

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