Cement factory shaft kiln exhaust gas treatment

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Cement kiln production with limestone, clay, fluorite and other ingredients as raw materials, anthracite as fuel.In the whole production process, the main pollution sources are: raw material grinding dust, clinker grinding dust.Cement kiln exhaust emission point is high, the largest airflow, wide spread, especially high humidity, temperature change, high dust concentration of flue gas, mainly is the dust produced by the material ball in the drying process.Fine particle dust from preheating zone and burning zone;There are also high temperature volatilized by condensing into fine particles of salt dust.In the vertical kiln cement enterprise, the vertical kiln is the "heart" of the whole production process, and also the largest source of waste gas emission.At present, in many vertical kiln cement enterprises, many manufacturers use bag dust collection and electrostatic dust removal technology, the effect is good, can meet the environmental emission standards.

1. Cement shaft kiln exhaust gas has open fire, light fire, dark fire, deep fire and other kinds of production forging process, due to unstable operation.Occasionally, "back fire", "stuck kiln", "refining edge" and other faults occur, resulting in a large fluctuation range of waste gas and dust in cement riser.

2. Dust removal in settling chamber (gravity dust removal) the exhaust gas from the shaft kiln enters the large-section room from the chimney at a speed of more than 5m/s, and the airflow speed slows down 50 microns or more and dust particles are collected by sinking with their own mass.The dust collecting rate of settling chamber is proportional to its cross - sectional area and length.In order to improve dust collection efficiency, the velocity of airflow was set at 0.3-0.5m/s and the stopping time was set at 30 ~ 60s, and most settlement Chambers were located on the roof of the kiln.

3.The glass fiber bag filter is a kind of high stable dust removal equipment. The exhaust gas enters into the glass fiber bag filter. After being purified by the filter bag, the clean air is discharged into the atmosphere by the fan.The wind speed of glass fiber bag filter should be less than 0.5 m/min.High wind speed, easy to damage filter bag, dust collection efficiency is greatly reduced.

4. The working principle of water dust removal is that the flue gas of the chimney enters into the dust removal tower tangentially under the guidance of jet flow, and forms a cyclone. It passes through the water film to capture spraying and washing.

5. High voltage electrostatic dust removal technology is to transfer waste gas from the chimney to the electrostatic dust collector, discharge the corona line, and deposit the dust charge on the plate and corona pole, and collect it by vibration. Dust removal efficiency is related to airflow velocity, exhaust gas temperature and the quality of high-voltage power supply.

6.Hydropower integrated dust removal technology foot shaft kiln waste gas by the chimney into the dust collecting device bottom spray dusting, wind speed slow down and even into the dust collection electric field, electric field suspension corona line is applied to dc negative high voltage, corona discharge, and escape a large number of high-speed movement of the electricity and the positive and negative, positive and negative from the collision and adsorption on dust particles, dust charged, charged dust particles by check negative electrode adsorption was arrested on dust collecting plate set;

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