Application of energy saving ball mill

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1. Introduction of energy-saving ball mill

Energy saving ball mill is a kind of ball mill equipment, mainly in the ball mill equipment to simplify, and then design and manufacture of an energy saving ball mill, than the ordinary ball mill performance is better, its main function is to break the broken material and then broken equipment.Energy-saving ball mill is widely used, mainly used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, chemical fertilizers, ferrous and non-ferrous metal dressing, glass ceramics and other production industries, dry or wet grinding of various ores and other grindable materials.

2. Highlight your strengths

Advantages of energy-saving ball mill: compared with traditional ball mill, the motor power of conical ball mill with this technology can be more than reduced.Under normal circumstances, energy saving ball mill ten years do not replace the main bearing, save a lot of maintenance cost, save labor and time;Main bearing lubrication with grease, convenient and clean, free from heavy metal pollution;Using this product does not change the production process technical parameters, does not change the assembly size and installation size of the mill, which is suitable for the existing mill energy-saving technology transformation, but also for the manufacture of new mill.Energy-saving ball mill is the use of rotating bearing instead of sliding bearing, the energy saving ball mill changed the original mill structure, make the body, chassis integration, installation can be one-time hanging on the base plane. When the main shaft to bear with the spherical roller bearings, double row to heart can be from the original grid type forced discharging to overflow control discharge, fine-grained grinding can be improved.

3. How it works

Energy saving ball mill is horizontal cylindrical rotating device, external gear transmission, two compartment, grid type ball mill.The material enters into the first bin of the mill uniformly through the feeding device through the feeding hollow shaft spiral. There is a ladder lining board or corrugated lining board in the bin, and steel balls of different specifications are installed inside. The cylinder rotates to generate centrifugal force, which brings the steel balls to a certain height and then falls down, thus producing a heavy blow and grinding effect on the material.

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