A small measure to improve the production capacity of wet ball mill

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According to ball mill grinding way, we usually put the wet ball mill, ball mill can be divided into dry ball mill and wet ball mill in recent years due to its production capacity is greater than the dry type ball mill, at the same time, more environmental protection than dry type ball mill, the market development prospect of wet ball mill is more and more good, focus on wet ball mill and wet ball mill customers more and more investment.And the production capacity of wet ball mill is closely related to the vital interests of customers, so the production capacity of wet ball mill has become the focus of the customer's attention, the following and you will introduce how to improve the production capacity of wet ball mill.

At the beginning of each device in the research and development design, the indicators of it just as well have decided, such as production capacity of this block, generally a range is given, in the production of different environment, different equipment, the production of different material, wet ball mill production capacity is different, so can change wet ball mill production capacity factors are what?


1. Internal factors of wet ball mill:

Wet ball mill is in itself a control factors of production capacity, its production materials, processing technology, the service life of equipment components determines the wet ball mill machine quality and performance, and the whole performance of wet ball mill and wet ball mill cylinder speed, ball gradation, etc are all possible factors that affect the production capacity.

wet ball mill

2. External factors of production:

In addition to the ball mill itself, the grinding material is easy to grind or difficult to grind, feed particle size is small or large, the moisture content of the material, the final particle size of the material requirements are also important factors affecting the production capacity of the wet ball mill.

wet ball mill

3. How to improve the output of ball mill


Generally, we want to change the wet ball mill output is in the mind to improve the ball mill output to implement, so how to change the specific we will be determined according to the situation.

(1) when the wet ball mill due to their own reasons to make the production decline or unsatisfactory, we have to find the reason from the wet ball mill itself.

(2) when wet ball mill for external reasons influence production, such as material feed particle size is larger or grinding material belongs to the scope of grinding hard, wet ball mill in order to achieve the standard requirements, material particle size and need grinding time becomes longer and production will naturally fell, if the customer want to make wet ball mill to restore to the original production might as well on the production line to move a small hands and feet, is before the wet ball mill with a finely machine, wet ball mill can accelerate grinding, such production up naturally.

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