A brief introduction of PLC control technology in cement plant

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With the continuous development of modern scientific means and the gradual improvement of social productivity, it is of great practical significance to gradually strengthen the in-depth research and application of PLC control technology.PLC is a kind of digital operation and calculation electronic device based on industrial production environment. PLC equipment in practical use has certain expandable functions, which is more conducive to its effective application in practical industrial production.

1 basic introduction to PLC

PLC control technology in the application of cement mixing cement mixture system as a main equipment in the cement manufacturing, if the role of the clinker and slag powder by transmission equipment distribution into the bin, according to the water mud after production formula is to be performed for each mixing weighing process, and then through the use of ball mill to stir, and then in the finished product after mixing into cement after for later use.

2. Control the weighing warehouse

PLC control technology in weighing warehouse in cement plant, the control of the most commonly used weighing bin mainly includes raw weighing warehouse and pulverized coal weighing warehouse and so on, at the bottom when PLC starts, but has run the ball mill with schenker scales, and then according to the weighing sensor signals to determine the rate of whether reached the requirements of blanking, if achieved, silo wall vibrators began to work, if not to, the PLC will start the feeder and conveying equipment of the charging again, so, only by weighing sensor feedback information to the relevant requirements, the PLC control system for the next step of operation, in this way,
It can effectively ensure that the material quantity in the warehouse is always controlled within a certain range, and ensure that the material quantity into shenke scale is uniform and stable.

3  Control of ball mill

PLC control system of ball mill ball mill in cement plant is usually used in the control of frequency converter to control its speed, and this is usually through PLC on the basis of schenker scale under capacity is how to control the ball mill speed, temperature and the temperature detector in the detection of ball mill, by PLC to control the automatic sprinkler systems, and then to the ball mill for cooling processing and implementation, to ensure the continuity and stability of the mixing process.
It can be seen that in the whole mixing process, PLC gives full play to its own advantages of fast operation speed, strong interference ability and small volume, so as to complete ultra-high simulation operation, and finally realize the effective control of the ball mill.
PLC control technology in the effective use of cement mixture system, fully satisfy all the technical requirements of the blending system control, and realizes automatic control of cement mixing and feeding process of comprehensive coordination control, and the system performance is good, simple operation, can effectively ensure the smooth completion of the cement production task, to improve the work efficiency of cement plants play an important role.

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