3.6m rod mill maintenance method

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Rod mill grinding media because of its name for the steel bar, is a kind of uniform end product size, grinding degree light grinding equipment, widely used in dressing plant of coarse grinding, cement clinker production, such as quartz, production operation, its main parts as follows: the feed components, cylinder size, main bearing, gear, gear reducer, main motor, slow drive device, jacking device, discharge device and lubrication, electronic control devices, etc.As a complex structure of machinery, workers must abide by the rod mill maintenance procedures in the process of use.

Taking mqy3.6m ×5.8m rod mill as an example, the maintenance rules of rod mill are briefly introduced.The overhaul of rod mill is divided into minor repair, medium repair and overhaul. The overhaul interval and overhaul time are different due to mill specifications and production practice.

Minor repair:

check oil filter and lubrication pipeline of oil pump, clean and replace lubricating oil firmware if necessary;Check the connecting bolts of each part and replace the defective tight;Clean and check whether the pinion gear has cracks and other defects, check the meshing condition at the same time, and record the wear depth, check whether the big gear bolts are loose;Check reducer and record check coupling and replace vulnerable parts;Inspect and repair the wear-prone parts of the feed in and out device;Check the cooling water system, whether the pipes are blocked or leaking, and replace the aging oil-resistant rubber hose (in the inner cavity of main bearing);Check pinion bearing and shaft seal, add lubricating grease;Check and repair protective cover, drum sieve funnel and guardrail;Local water leakage, oil leakage, leakage of coal slurry.Pick out broken rods and steel rods with diameter less than 20 -- 25mm in the cylinder.

Medium repair:

including minor repair projects;Check and replace lining board, layering, etc.Check or replace the inlet and outlet;Check and repair or replace pinion bearings;Check and adjust the horizontal position of the cylinder, check the coaxiality of the drive shaft reducer and the motor;Clean up the oil sludge in the gear housing and oil collecting tank;Check the thickness of main bearing alloy, adjust the assembly of main bearing and oil seal, and repair the damaged parts;Check the usage of steel bars and rematch them;Check and repair the drum screen, replace it as the case may be;Repair thin oil station and dry oil injection device, and check safety valve;Check and calibrate all instruments;Electrical coordination medium repair.

Major repair:

including minor repair and medium repair projects;Check to repair or replace the spindle tile and the size gear;To inspect, repair, or modify the cylinder;Repair or replace the end cover and hollow shaft of the mill;Repair or replace the main bearing housing;Check the foundation, re-find and re-cast;Electrical overhaul.

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