Application of waste heat power generation project

Date: 2019-06-12 Views:

During the cement manufacturing process, the waste gas of kiln tail pre-heater and Kiln head clinker cooler can dry the raw material and coal, but most of the heat still will be wasted through the emitted the large amount of waste gas. These heat Calories normally accounts for around 30% of total overall heat consumption. Therefore to make further use of these waste heat will be the key of energy consumption saving and less greenhouse gas emission. The application of pure low temperature waste heat power generation project will make the most use of the waste heat emitted by the cement production line ,to cut the cost of production and increase the economical profit by turning the waste heat into efficient energy. It also partially ease the tense situation in the production electricity supply in many areas. From another aspect, the exhaust gas temperature and discharged dust consistence will be significantly reduced, which is friendly to the environment with less thermal pollution and environmental pollution.

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