Fujian 5000 T/D New Dry Cement Production Line

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In the Fujian 5000 t/d new dry cement production line process, the grinding process is an important part of the reasonable control of grinding equipment to achieve energy-efficient production target line. To this end, our cement grinding process production line of a comprehensive analysis. The so-called cement production line is produced by a series of cement equipment consisting of cement production line equipment. Fujian 5000 t/d of cement production line mainly consists of crushing and pre-homogenization, homogenization raw material preparation, preheat decomposition, sintering clinker, cement grinding and packaging processes form.

【Processing Materials】:limestone.

【Production Capacity】:5000t/d.

【Device Configuration】:Jaw crusher, rotary kiln, cement mill, industrial drying machine, suspension preheater, precalciner, dedusting equipment.

Introduction Fujian 5000 T/D New Dry Cement Production Line

Fujian 5000 t/d of cement production line is the raw material pre-homogenization technology and rotary kiln technology as the basis, and suspension preheater kiln decomposition technology as the core of modern cement production process, which process is characterized by large capacity, automation high level, high quality products, low energy consumption, low emissions of harmful substances, the use of a large quantity of industrial waste. Production automation and modernization of cement is an important indicator of the modern cement industry development and progress, in the process, control the grinding process of cement materials is very important, this process directly affects the grinding efficiency and cement materials fineness and particle size, affect the quality of the cement, but the cement grinding process, and there will always be noise in some devices. Our company has many years of experience in production and manufacturing cement grinding station equipment, the following for your analysis, that may arise in the process of grinding material in cement equipment noise sources.

Fujian 5000 t/d new dry cement production line Process

Fujian 5000 t/d of new dry cement production line cement plant process equipment includes those major cement machinery cement equipment, cement production line, cement production line cement equipment lines, including those of major cement machinery cement equipment include: cement rotary kiln, cyclone preheater, rotary cement grate cooler calcining cement clinker kiln is the main equipment has been widely used in cement, metallurgy, chemical and other industries. The equipment consists of cylinder, supporting device, supporting device with gear wheel, gear, activities kiln, kiln seals, combustion devices and other components of the rotary kiln has a simple structure, reliable operation, easy to control the production process and so on.

In general, the following factors may have led to several aspects of the noise Fujian 5000 t/d of new dry cement production line occurs, it may be due to the amount of material fed into the mill at too little, or because the mill after a long blade of cement grinding, it has been severely damaged, and the emergence of noise, there may be a loose bolt cement mill, resulting in equipment vibration, thereby generating noise. In addition to the above factors, if the cement material is too hard, or if the device is a roller mill or a grinding ring was deformed, it will cause the device during operation of the noise situation. At present, some cement plant configuration in the use of closed circuit cement mill cement production line, this process can achieve high-quality cement production, but due to the complexity in the production process, easy to create many problems. So our process optimization for cement production line closed circuit cement mill research, and ultimately achieve the maximization of cement production benefits.

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