• Humidifying tower


    Airflow dealer:~330000m3/h

    Working water jet capacity:17-20t/h

    based on highly:19.1M


    Humidifying tower is one of the key equipments in new dry cement production line


    Generally used in the modern new cement dry process production, before the kiln tail flue gas enters the electrostatic precipitator, it should spray an appropriate amount of water mist into the flue gas, the moisture should be distributed in the haze and attached to the dust surface, at this time, the dust is easy to be supplemented by the electrostatic precipitator.

    Product features:
    1.Good atomization effect no wet bottom phenomenon;
    2.The desired atomization pressure is small energy-saving effect is obvious;
    3.Imports and the air board design to ensure uniform airflow distribution;
    4.Outlet is disposed at the upper right of the tail of the ship not only greatly reduced the export position height while increasing the gas residence time in increasing wet tower.

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