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  Jiangsu Lvssn Engineering Group is an engineering group company and an integrated service supplier in international and domestic building material industry. Based on our excellent engineers teams, Jiangsu Lvssn has combined advanced technologies and first-class designs to serve our international and domestic owners practically. Lvssn Group has great advantages in industrial technologies,talented engineers,financial and capital resource, international and domestic commercial support.

  Jiangsu Lvssn has rich experiences in international and domestic EPC projects’ management and operations, especially in new dry process cement production lines. In our past performance,Jiangsu Lvssn has provided turnkey project services for our partners with multiple capacities projects from 500t/d to 10000t/d in accordance with our owners’ requirements. Jiangsu Lvssn’s service includes:EPC project, project design, equipment research & development, equipment manufacture,civil engineering construction, erection,commissioning & manufacturing management , outsourcing solutions(outsourcing operations and management),Spare parts supply and etc.

  In Jiangsu Lvssn Research and Development Department, a significant input has been introduced to optimize our process technologies, core equipment manufacturing process, new technology material and products. Nowadays, Jiangsu Lvssn’s equipment product covers the full range of the completed set of equipment in the dry type cement production lines in various capacities requirements. Respectively, they are large vertical mills, roller machine, grate cooler machine system, various crushing machine, rotatory kilns,ball mills, pre-heater system,various dust-collective systems, dust separator, material piling and taking equipment. With our direct-owned manufacturing base located in southern suburban of Nanjing, Jiangsu Lvssn has been able to guarantee our project’s excellent quality.

  In addition to our traditional cement industry, Jiangsu Lvssn has been successfully engaged in some cutting edge field in our business, which includes: Co-operation process technologies of using municipal waste as alternative fuels in clinker production line,industrial quicklime production line,aggregate production lines, waste incineration power plant and intelligent production with Lvssn AR technologies.

  Jiangsu Lvssn is honored and glad to offer every client practical and detailed counselling service with our rich EPC project construction experience,customized project management and professional consulting services support.


Company History

  Since its establishment, jiangsu Lvssn has been specialized in providing cement project EPC, core equipment, spare parts and production upgrade services for cement manufacturers at home and abroad.

  At present, the company at home and abroad to establish a number of new cement production lines, limestone production lines, such as 4000t/d EPC cement production line completed, Oudomxay 5000t/d Cement Production Line Project, Suijiang YONGGU cement project Cooperative treatment of dome etc.

  Jiangsu Lvssn has rich experiences in international and domestic EPC projects’ management and operations, especially in new dry process cement production lines.

  Jiangsu Lvssn has developed a new cement production line system in accordance with the practical production conditions. It is a three gear support new type short rotary kiln with Jiangsu Lvssn’s patent right. In our project for Zhepu Cement Co,.ltd,it has adopted LVRF5 preheater and 4th generation rod-pushed grate cooler with a 4.0*53 (meter) rotary kiln. It has steadily produce more than 3300 tone clinker daily.

  Jiangsu lvsen has the strength and confidence to service every customer well, to ensure the quality of every project and the interests of every cement owner!

  Cement EPC project selection jiangsu lvsen, is your satisfactory choice!

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