• Lubricating System

    Pressure:20 mpa


    It is widely used in dilute oil circulation lubrication system of mechanical equipment such as cement (mill rotary kiln motor with dynamic and static bearing).


    The function of the lubrication system is to transfer a fixed amount of clean lubricating oil to the surface of the parts in relative motion, so as to achieve liquid friction, reduce friction resistance and reduce the wear of the parts.And parts surface cleaning and cooling.The lubrication system usually consists of lubricating oil passage, oil pump, oil filter and some valves.

    The system is used for dry grease lubrication of the roller of suspension conveyor.
    1. It can advance synchronously with transportation and inject the lubricant into the lubrication point of the roller at the right moment.
    2. There is an elastic connection mechanism inside. No matter whether the oil hole is aligned with the oil hole or not it can be extended automatically adjusted and in close contact with the oil filling place.
    3. It has a protective mechanism. When a large deformation pulley passes by the positioning column and lubricating column will let the over-deformed pulley pass by.
    4. Easy to remove a lubrication mechanism can be used in several conveyor.

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