Analysis of electrical energy saving measures in cement industry

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Nowadays, with the gradual increase of municipal engineering and real estate projects, the demand for cement as the main material increases, which further promotes the development of cement industry.However, according to the present production situation of cement industry, the main problems focus on serious energy consumption, how to save energy and reduce consumption has become an important development goal.Therefore, the application of electrical energy saving technology to save energy consumption is of positive significance for cement production.

1.Energy saving analysis of power supply and distribution system in cement industry

The cement industry occupies an important position in the construction and development of our country.However, in its rapid development, the problem of high energy consumption is exposed, which brings serious impact to enterprises.Therefore, according to the power-consuming equipment and power-consuming ring joints in cement production, it is necessary to formulate the electrical energy saving technology scheme to reduce energy consumption, so as to promote the further development of cement industry.

1.1 energy saving optimization of power supply and distribution equipment

When selecting energy-saving equipment for power supply and distribution, make cross section analysis of wires and adopt energy-saving fittings.Optimize the design of power supply and distribution system, and achieve reactive power dispersion and local compensation through energy-saving reactive power compensation equipment, which is helpful to improve application effect and reduce power supply and distribution consumption.Choose transformer capacity scientifically, use energy-saving transformer to ensure the stability of the equipment, choose energy-saving transformer to reduce the transmission power of the equipment, avoid no-load consumption and load consumption of the equipment, choose low-consumption transformer to save 10% of electric energy, reduce the load and ensure the safety and stability of the power supply and distribution system.High voltage voltage level is introduced in the rated voltage range of the equipment to meet the requirements of power supply and distribution voltage.

1.2 electrical energy saving in system operation and management stage

Cement plant wants to reduce operation consumption, to achieve energy saving safety needs to use power supply and distribution system to realize economic operation, power supply and distribution network impact is small, the better its management quality.

First, in the operation management, the electrical energy saving efficiency is improved in the form of improving the operation efficiency of transformers to save cost and input.The power regulation of transformer water pump can set the reactive power to 15% of the rated capacity and reduce the full load time of transformer water pump by 1/3 so as to save economic investment and optimize the load rate and operating power.

Second, reduce the no-load consumption of power grid system to improve the application effect of equipment.The circuit connection should be disconnected when the switch is closed, to reduce the number of no-load times when the line is running, save the line voltage operating load, ensure the line no-load operating consumption reaches the set range, and improve the line application level.

Third, in the electrical energy saving, the overall load stability of the system is ensured. The overall balance and classification balance of the operating load of the electrical equipment can achieve the stable operation of the equipment and make the distribution system load meet the standard requirements.

Fourth, adjust the peak-valley power energy of power supply and distribution equipment to ensure the scientific application of peak-valley power supply.Scientific planning of equipment operation time during peak and valley, reduce peak and valley power consumption, reduce energy consumption to ensure the cement plant operation effect.

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2.Application of energy-saving electrical equipment in cement industry

The installed capacity of electric equipment selected in the operation stage of cement plant is large and the power consumption is large.Therefore, the electric energy saving application of motor system has become an important research content. It is proposed to improve the energy saving of motor body and motor drive system, and to develop the electrical energy saving treatment is helpful to improve the operation effect of cement plant.

2.1 energy-saving lighting equipment

In order to reduce the consumption of electricity, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of lighting equipment when applying electric energy-saving measures.

2.2 variable current frequency control system

Low-power universal frequency converter can reduce the consumption of electrical equipment in cement plant production. The following principles should be followed when carrying out system optimization:

First, follow the requirements of relevant standards to keep the converter in the best operating state and prevent the external environment from affecting the converter.It is necessary to protect the harmonics of power grid scientifically by combining the ac frequency conversion and speed regulation drive to ensure that the harmonics of power grid are not affected.

Second, in order to ensure the effective operation of the VHF regulating system, the control cables, current cables and motor cables of the cement plant need to be isolated to prevent the VHF regulating system from being affected.As far as possible to shield the input and output circuit electrical signal impact, add isolation device, create good operating conditions.

Third, in the running state of the converter frequency conversion regulation system, shaft oscillation should be avoided as much as possible.


2.3 energy-saving motor application

There are few types of motors used in cement factories, such as Y series and Y2 series. The average power of the two motors is less than 0.8 and the power consumption is higher.When applying electric energy saving measures in cement industry, energy-saving motors are recommended to be used. With the help of SIEMENS technology, optimization is carried out to reduce the running power of the motors and improve the running effect of the motors so as to meet the requirements of technological production. Energy-saving motors have gradually become the main motor products in cement production.

3.Application of electric energy saving technology in cement industry

Firstly, the voltage level of high voltage is raised to reduce the line loss rate when the rated voltage allows.Normally, every 1% increase of voltage in the power supply network of 35kV and above can reduce the loss by 1.2%. 110kV is selected to introduce the 5000t/d dry cement production line into the total step-down substation, which can not only improve the transmission capacity, but also reduce the line loss.Second, fully integrated energy control.In addition, digital relay protection technology is used to improve the protection performance of smart grid, so as to promote the development of smart grid.The realization of automation goal is one of the important tasks in the development of science and technology.To achieve the purpose of overall automation of the system, it is not only necessary to reasonably protect and control the lines set in the power system, but also to effectively collect and organize all the operating information data in the power system.At present, relay protection technology is on the way of wide area development, and it has been applied appropriately in smart grid.The wide area protection is to collect and organize multi-point and multi-type information inside the system equipment. The biggest characteristic is that the response is very fast, and the protection area is greatly extended on the basis of existing.With the promotion of digital development, relay protection technology has been greatly improved, and the measurement and information transmission of mutual inductors have become more accurate.

4. To summarize

To sum up, smart grid has broad development prospects in the case of increasing demand for electricity. Due to unique advantages of relay protection technology, it is necessary to give full play to it to achieve smooth and safe operation of smart grid.

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