Advantage of castable prefabricated parts for grate cooler

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The main function of grate cooler is to cool and transport cement clinker and provide hot air for rotary kiln and decomposition furnace.In recent years, castable prefabricated parts are often selected in the construction of grate cooler.

Because of grate cooler laryngeal special places, flue gas composition is complex, high temperature, wind speed, flue gas dust more for cement clinker small particles, not only large amount and high hardness, the refractory erosion and erosion wear serious, so grate cooler throat of overheating or burning through phenomenon is very common, therefore the reasonable selection of refractory and construction quality is very important.

In the process of pouring construction with castable material, concrete and cement beams exist at the throat and top, and the space is narrow, so construction is difficult and construction quality is difficult to be guaranteed.Moreover, the internal water content of the castable increases, and the castable of the throat is easy to burst during the ignition and heating process, so the service life of the throat castable of the grate cooler on some cement kilns is low.The low wall of grate cooler is another easily damaged part of cement kiln system.The parts need long-term refractory under high hardness, wear erosion of cement clinker, especially in unstable conditions, fine material distribution unevenness of grate cooler, wear faster, so the parts of the refractory materials need to have a higher wear resistance, such as the traditional castable construction, first is the general it is difficult to guarantee construction quality, followed by the grate cooler ha-ha castable is very difficult to remove, such as maintenance time is tight, replace the area is large, need to welding anchor nail, dismantled and then pouring and curing, baking, very time consuming.However, the construction of castable prefabricated parts is simple, convenient, construction quality is controllable, and the maintenance time of equipment is saved, which can effectively improve the operation rate of cement kiln.

There are many kinds of prefabricated structures and different types of anchorage.Compared with castable, although the cost of castable prefabricated parts is increased by 20% ~ 60%, its service life is 1.5 ~ 2 times that of castable, and the construction time can be reduced by half, which saves the construction period, increases the running time of cement kiln system, and indirectly brings economic benefits to the owner.Prefabricated parts of grate cooler have the characteristics of easy installation, short installation period and no baking, and some prefabricated parts of grate cooler have higher strength and better wear resistance, which greatly prolongs the service life of refractory materials in key parts of grate cooler.

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