Large size has become the inevitable trend of ball mill development

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With the development of ball mill technology, more and more new technologies are used in mill design.Many manufacturers through the ball mill bearings, linings, transmission components and lubrication system components, to achieve the most economical way to maximize the efficiency of the mill.Through a large number of studies, it is shown that the upsizing of ball mill has great development potential and has become a major trend of mill development.

With the development of mining industry, the design of mines is also changing towards the direction of large scale, which puts forward new requirements for the processing capacity of plant selection.Among them, grinding is the link with the largest investment, the highest energy consumption and the largest operation and maintenance cost of the concentrator. Meanwhile, as the last preparation operation before ore separation, grinding effect directly affects the quality of separation indicators behind.Mill, as the key link of concentrator, determines the processing capacity of concentrator.Improving the processing capacity of the mill can be achieved by increasing the number of mills or by adopting larger ball mills.The first scheme has great defects. The increase in the number of equipment sets not only increases the area of equipment, but also increases the cost of plant construction. At the same time, the increase in the number of equipment makes the ore dressing process complicated, which is not conducive to the maintenance and production management of equipment.The upsizing design of the ball mill can make up for the shortage of the small mill.The results show that the energy consumption and equipment wear cost of large mills are lower than those of small mills, and large mills are more conducive to maintenance and automatic change management..

But now many factors restrict the development of large ball mill.First of all, the design of large ball mill requires more strict force analysis, and the design and manufacture of large ball mill components require higher precision.At the same time, the ball mill in the working process of the load is changing, this change will cause impact on its gear transmission system, the larger the ball mill, the more obvious the impact.With the development of manufacturing technology and the development of new materials, the advantages of large ball mill will be more and more obvious.

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