What safety hazards does cement factory check daily?

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Cement production processes and processes are complex and diverse. Due to reasons such as inadequate safety protection measures and illegal operation, cement enterprises have frequent and diversified safety accidents.

Cement cylinder warehouse clearance, preheater clearance, grate cooler "hit snowman", pre-decomposition ignition and feeding, mill and kiln system inspection and maintenance, cooperative disposal of waste and other operations, often occur collapse, fire, suffocation, poisoning, burning, fall high, vehicle injuries, mechanical injuries and other accidents.Coal mill system, fuel storage tank, denitrification system and other key areas of cement plant are prone to fire, explosion and other serious accidents.This paper lists the hidden trouble in the cement factory raw material storage yard, coal mill system, preheater, cylinder storage, fuel storage tank and so on, which can be used for reference by the safety production management personnel and supervision and law enforcement personnel.


1. The reclaimer


The incomplete protection of the reclaimers may easily cause mechanical damage to operators.

2. Preheater system for cement plant

Preheater system

A simple platform is set up with a diving board at the hole clearing and plugging place of preheater system in cement factory.The operation process is prone to human falling injury;If there is abnormal spout of hot materials, operators can not escape, and will cause the hot materials burning injury.

3. Coal mill separator

Coal mill

The explosion valve of coal mill separator in cement factory is facing the passageway, and there is the risk of ejections spraying to people nearby after explosion, which is easy to cause burning injury.

4. Blanking pipe of preheater system

preheater system

The platform is set at the place where the blanking pipe of the preheater system is cleaned and blocked, and the straight ladder enters into the platform.If there is abnormal ejection of hot material, the operator cannot escape, which is easy to cause hot material burning injury.

5. No maintenance platform for explosion-proof valve of coal pulverized warehouse

coal pulverized

No maintenance platform for explosion proof valve of pulverized coal warehouse;The explosion-proof valve is arranged with a step ladder facing the inspection passage.The maintenance process of explosion-proof valve is easy to cause the operators to fall from the height.After abnormal explosion explosion-proof valve ejecta spray to the nearby personnel, but also cause burning injury.

6. Light the match tank

Light the match tank

It is very risky to set up a cable above the tank of matches in cement factory kiln head.After the rectification, although the cable bridge is equipped with fire prevention board, it still does not meet the design requirements and has the risk of fire and explosion.

7. The coal shed

coal shed

The height of car unloading platform of coal pile shed in cement factory is about 4 m, and the platform edge has no car block, which poses the risk of falling of vehicles and people.

8. Cylinder storage

Cylinder storage

The outer wall of the cylindrical storage tank of cement factory is cracked, which is prone to collapse and causes human injury.

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