What is the key to the collaborative disposal of solid waste by cement kilns?

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The purpose of the cement kiln collaborative disposal technology is mainly to realize the harmless of waste, and the incineration removal rate and incineration rate are important criteria for evaluating the degree of waste destruction, so these two indicators are particularly important.What is the key to the collaborative disposal of solid waste by cement kilns?

1. Disposition of reason

According to the characteristics of the waste to choose a reasonable way of disposal, and through the different high temperature area added to the characteristics of the material to determine a reasonable pretreatment process.

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2. Reasonable allocation

Through the reasonable allocation of the calorific value and components of the waste, the thermal energy utilization level of the waste disposal into the kiln can be improved, which objectively realizes the effective composite utilization of waste disposal and energy saving alternative utilization, and improves the economic benefits of the cement cooperative disposal.

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3. Incineration emissions

According to the emission characteristics of air pollutants and heavy metals generated in the waste incineration process, the reasonable process of cement capacity collaborative disposal of waste was determined, and the clean discharge of waste from cement kiln collaborative disposal was realized through optimized disposal of production technology.

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4. Product performance


Coordinated disposal of cement of waste should ensure that cement products and downstream related products do not change in product performance

This requires the harmful elements (such as ZaO, CuO, P2(O2, F) that affect the hydration process of cement minerals and product performance indicators Strictly controlled.

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