What are complete sets of equipment for making sand machine

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With the progress of sand making technology, sand making machine is constantly updated, every update of sand making machine is a technical innovation.Sand making machine is not working alone, but with other equipment to form a sand production line, complete set of sand making equipment is also a whole sand production line, in this process, in addition to sand making machine, but also need to configure many equipment.

1. Jaw crusher

Because many of nature sand volume is larger, with a crushing equipment cannot reach the ideal crushing effect, usually requires coarse crushing equipment, fine grinding equipment, sand making machine on the market at present complete sets of equipment are included in the jaw crusher, it is mainly used for coarse sand and gravel processing, chose a jaw crusher, because the device has other coarse crushing equipment unsurpassable advantages, quality and performance of sandstone of strong adaptability, crushing cavity structures such as the design of the advanced high-end, greater capacity, for further processing and lay a good foundation of sand.

2. Impact crusher

Impact crusher is used for secondary crushing processing of sand and stone, that is, the process of fine crushing, covers a small area, can save part of the cost of infrastructure, impact plate and other devices using wear-resistant materials developed, wear-resistant degree increased by more than 2 times, toughness and firmness are greatly improved, longer service life.

3, sand machine


Sand making machine is the core equipment in the sand making process. It has good shaping effect on sand materials and has the following unique advantages:

(1) the developed sand and stone material presents a cube shape with good shape, good wear resistance and excellent quality.

(2) reasonable design of technical parameters, high yield, strong bearing capacity and higher sand production efficiency.

(3) the unique principle of stone beating can greatly reduce the failure rate, make the operation more stable and safe, and significantly reduce the energy consumption.


4. Other auxiliary equipment

The complete equipment of sand making machine also includes auxiliary equipment such as vibrating feeder, circular vibrating screen and belt conveyor

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