Wet ball mill replacement liner lift strip is easy to ignore tips

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As we all know, wet grinding replacement liners and lifting strips are one of the typical “big work” for desulfurization and overhaul. The whole work is nothing more than “removing the floor and installing the floor”. The reason is simple, and will not be described in detail. Tuen Mun, the brothers are inevitably suffering and suffering, the author summarizes the past experience of maintenance, I wonder if it is useful to everyone?

First, do a good job of ventilation, "cool" work fast

Be sure to install the axial flow fan on the upstream weighing feeder inspection hole, and then close the other inspection holes of the feeder, so that the wet grinding outlet filter is uncovered, and then the air is exhausted from the mill inlet. It is much cooler, especially in the summer and the south in the north. Have you ever suffered from sultry heat? The taste of the "sauna" can be uncomfortable. Do not blow air from the fan outlet or blow it into the cylinder. Think about how to get in and out of personnel and materials? The fan is more troublesome when the car is being driven. Also, is it that the wind is strong and does not feel cool? In short, our pursuit of desulfurization and maintenance industry is reasonable, simple and practical.

Second, the pair of walkie-talkies is very practical

It is critical to change the lining and lifting strips, and whether the cooperation between the inside and outside of the cylinder is timely. When the old lining and lifting strip of the cylinder were removed, it stood inside, like a starry sky. At this time, the people inside listened to the people outside, and the outside was very unclear. A pair of walkie-talkies will greatly facilitate communication between the inside and outside. The team members who tighten the bolts on the outside can accurately and quickly put the bolts on the bolts and fasten them according to the requirements of the team members who install the lifting strips. (Know, sometimes Several of them struggled to push up the lifting bar, and the outsiders’ hands and feet were directly related to the fatigue of the insiders to facilitate the installation and adjustment of the personnel inside. There is also a walkie-talkie that speaks the same sound as normal, without being very loud. If there is a surplus of people, the two people who take the walkie-talkie outside will not arrange for anything else, otherwise the whole replacement will become slow and chaotic.

Third, the environment is good to flush beforehand

Before the replacement, it is required to run only water for two hours, so that the steel ball is relatively clean. After that, just remove the two lifting strips (the nut assembly is removed from the cylinder and punched in from the outside of the cylinder with a sledgehammer). Pull the truck to the bolt hole down, open the outlet filter cover, and enter the cylinder hose. Washing the slurry on the steel ball will make the guys feel very comfortable. Of course, it is not possible to rush one time. It is best to rush once every time. At the end of the overhaul, be careful that the lifting ball and the lining plate are buried under the steel ball. How to deal with what you know..

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