The introduction of concrete aggregate production Line into cement Enterprises in China is full of strength

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The main reason for cement enterprises to invest in concrete business is fundamentally driven by interests. But there is also one reason is that the current cement production capacity has generally appeared excess, the NDRC approval of new cement projects is also very strict in such a context, if cement enterprises want to develop bigger, there are only two remaining roads, one is the merger and reorganization of other cement enterprises, the other is to broaden the scope of business, dabble in related industries.

At present, there are different ways for cement enterprises to extend the industrial chain, some enterprises begin to dabble in concrete business, some enterprises begin to dabble in aggregate business, which is beyond reproach, after all, they are all related products. But also, there are many enterprises are also involved in real estate, chemical, smelting and other industries, can be described as all kinds of. However, entering the sand and stone, the concrete industry is still the mainstream, at present, the introduction of concrete aggregate production line by cement enterprises in our country is full of strength.

As an indispensable raw material for commercial concrete, mechanism sand production has been mentioned many times by some industry personages. Han Jixian, secretary general of China Sand Association, boldly predicted that cement enterprises will become the main force of sand and stone industry in the future, and said that the development of aggregate sand stone production in cement enterprises not only has natural unique advantages, but also has broad development prospects and considerable economic benefits. The reasons are:

1, the existing large and medium-sized cement enterprises have strong capital operation capacity. There is sufficient financial support, compared with the individual small aggregate mechanism sand and stone processing industry, there is obvious capital support, with a strong competitiveness to participate in the production of mechanism sand and stone, because of its strong financial support, we can launch the sand and stone production line with large production capacity.

2. The mine resources are fully guaranteed. As a result of the large and medium-sized cement production enterprises, in the site selection of the plant, the guarantee coefficient of the ore resources has been taken into consideration, most of which are selected to be built in the mountainous area and the resource-rich geological zone, so that the comprehensive utilization of the waste stone and the waste of waste can be said when the sand and gravel production line project is used. Facing the inexhaustible resource of mine, the sand and stone production line can open the full-load full-load production of the full-load, which is a unique advantage of the construction of the cement enterprise.

3. It has a relatively stable industrial chain (sand and gravel + cement + concrete + cement products), and can achieve a win-win and win-win benefit. Because cement enterprises and construction, engineering, infrastructure, road traffic, municipal engineering and other departments have relatively stable supply and demand relations, and the cement mortar aggregate concrete used by these units is also required to be supplied by other production enterprises, if the cement enterprise has the aggregate sand and stone product, the cement product can be used to directly synthesize the concrete product and other cement products, and the concrete product and other cement products can be directly synthesized to form a comprehensive supply and demand channel for various customers with different requirements, so as to form a one-stop service system, This also constructs a fast unified platform for product quality, time guarantee and follow-up service, and reduces the cost of many links, such as finding another way, long supply, split settlement and so on, which can undoubtedly produce ideal win-win benefits.

4. The construction of the sand and stone production line is much faster than that of the new dry cement production line, and the investment is much less and the effect is much faster. As the dry-dry cement production line with the annual output of 1 million tons, it is necessary to invest RMB 300 million Yuan from the design and project establishment to the production and put into operation, and the construction period of 300 days will be completed; and the previous one will have a daily output of 5,000 tons of sand and stone production line, and only RMB 15 million will be invested. Moreover, from the project establishment, open and put into production, only a 100-day construction period can benefit from the profit.

In view of the current situation that cement enterprises enter sand and stone and concrete industry is full of strength, many cement enterprises enter sand and stone concrete industry to realize the perfect combination of new profit growth point in the original cement business. From this point of view, with the dual protection of the market and equipment, in the situation of overcapacity, "rich" cement enterprises to seek transformation, it does not seem so difficult.

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