The harmful gas will be produced in the production process of cement factory

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In the cement production process, not only produces a lot of dust, but also produces sulfur dioxide (SO2).Nitrogen oxides (NOX) fluoride carbon dioxide (CO2) harmful gases such as carbon monoxide (CO) pollute the atmosphere:

1. Sulfur dioxide (SO2)

SO2 in waste gas of cement industry mainly comes from sulfur compound in cement raw material or fuel, and sulfur oxide formed under high temperature oxidation condition.For the new dry process, sulfur and potassium sodium chloride, which is one of the important factors leading to crusting blockage in the preheater decomposition furnace, are one of the components which are harmful to production and need to be restricted.

2. Nitrogen oxides (NOX)

NOx emission in cement production mainly comes from the mixture of N2 in the combustion air and oxidation at high temperature when fuel is burned at high temperature.The amount of nitrogen oxides produced depends on the temperature of the combustion flame, and the higher the temperature of the flame, the more NOx will be generated by the oxidation of N2. Among the nitrogen oxides, NO and NO2 are the two most important air pollutants.NO is a colorless gas, light blue liquid or blue-white solid, which is easily oxidized into NO2 by O3 and photochemistry in air.

3. co

During cement calcining, due to incomplete combustion of carbon, a small amount of CO will be produced, which is a flammable substance.When electric precipitator is used to treat the exhaust gas of kiln tail, the high concentration of CO in the exhaust gas often causes explosion.CO for colorless odorless gas, extremely toxic!Not easy to liquefy and solidify, slightly soluble in water.CO is a blue flame in the air when it burns. It can react with many metals or non-metals, and react with chlorine gas to form extremely toxic phosgene (COCL2).In the vertical kiln surface or maintenance dust remover, from time to time occurred poisoning incidents.

4. CO2

CO2 gas in cement production is mainly discharged by cement clinker calcining kiln and drying equipment.

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