Take you to understand the cause and prevention of kiln tail blockage

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The plugging of the kiln tail system not only affects the production time, but also causes unsafe factors. Many burn accidents are caused by this. If the plugging is frequent, the opening and stopping will cause a sharp increase in energy consumption, increase in cost and decrease in benefits.Take you to understand the cause and prevention of kiln tail blockage


1. Reasons for blockage of kiln tail system

Blockage of kiln tail system includes slope of kiln tail smoke chamber, feeding pipe of preheater, cone of preheater, etc.The causes can be attributed to the following aspects: peeling off, system collapse, refractory insulation material falling off, valve stuck in the bottom.The following are respectively elaborated.

1.1 sloughing clogging

There are several conditions of collapse clogging, the first is the material more wind less, the wind does not match, the material separated from the air flow, fall into the discharge port, the discharge is less than the cause of clogging, sometimes also accompanied by the viscous materials together collapse, causing clogging.Secondly, some aggregates are disturbed or vibrated by airflow and fall down, causing blockage, such as excessive aggregates on various platforms.Third, the loose crust, when its thickness to a certain extent, adhesion is not enough to support the material, will fall down, causing congestion.

1.2 the flap valve is stuck

When the valve is stuck, the material in the feeding pipe will accumulate until the preheater cone, which will block the system.

1.3 the inner tube falls off and causes blockage

Preheater is equipped with different forms of inner cylinder or ceramic or heat-resistant steel, because of a variety of reasons fall off, will directly plug the feeding mouth cause blockage.


1.4 the tool falls in when the system checks or cleans the crust

Preheater inspection and cleaning are available in all factories, and it is also true that there is something falling into the interior, most of them are not enough to cause blockage, but when foreign body stuck valve or caused cone shed material, it will cause blockage.

2. Prevention of blocking materials

There are many reasons for the blockage of the kiln tail system, including single factor and mixed comprehensive factors.


2.1 timely adjust the flap valve

In the cause of material blocking in the system, only the valve can be adjusted at any time, when it is found that the valve is not flexible, should be adjusted in time, to ensure that the rotation is flexible, no stagnation, will not focus on the preheater cone, on the one hand to ensure that the air flow does not leak and produce crust, on the other hand, flashing freely, smooth discharge.

2.2 ensure the inner tube of preheater is firm and reliable

The inner cylinder of the preheater is a vulnerable part, and the service time is inconsistent due to different manufacturers and different materials, some of them are long and short, and the blanking port will be blocked after the damage and falling off. Therefore, reliability inspection must be carried out on the hanging piece and bolt during the shutdown, so as to eliminate hidden trouble and prevent the failure during the production.

2.3 reasonable batching and temperature control to prevent crusting

Peeling off is an important cause of blocking the preheater, so the operator must carefully adjust to prevent local high temperature, to ensure the stability of wind, coal and materials, temperature fluctuations within the range, to avoid high temperature peeling;In addition to strict control of harmful components do not exceed, other components stability, reduce or eliminate the production of crust.

2.4 prevent foreign matter from entering the system

Preheater blanking of bad, often need to artificial channel, sometimes because of various reasons, foreign bodies and even some tools will fall into it, these things sometimes get stuck the flap valve, sometimes resulting in pyramidal tent, so be sure to avoid falling into the foreign body, binding on the tool when necessary soft cable, prevent fall into, find out fashionable at kiln processing, avoid to cause more accidents.

Due to the word limit, this article can only describe some of the reasons why the kiln is blocked. If you have any questions, please leave a message online.

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