Rod mill steel rod 130/140/150mm grinding rod advantages

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Steel slag solution rod mill grinding body grinding rod diameter 130/140/150mm grinding rod advantages

Now many steel slag grinding has replaced the original 120mm diameter steel rod with a 130-150mmmm steel rod, and even plans to use 200mm. Why? More broken and less grinding is the key.

Wear-resistant steel bars serve as the key components of the rod mill, which plays a key role. Nowadays, what are the problems often encountered in the sales market and the common wear-resistant steel bars? What are the reasons for this shortcoming? The wear-resistant steel rod manufacturers carry out detailed analysis for everyone:

One: the wear coefficient of the wear-resistant steel bar is high, and the friction coefficient is high. Because of the low strength and poor ductility of the steel, the friction coefficient is very high: the steel has low friction and poor ductility due to low strength and high friction coefficient. It will harm productivity and may increase the cost.

Two: the two sides of the wear-resistant steel rod are fine-pointed, and the fine points on both sides are caused by many reasons. The root cause is that the probability of touching the two sides of the rod mill and the raw material exceeds the middle position, causing the reasonable grinding time on both sides to be longer than the middle, if both sides and positive The proportion in the middle is a significant difference that can be seen by the human eye. It has not been able to achieve reasonable grinding effects in the ball mill.

Three: In the whole process of application, there will be a broken rod. The broken rod is the loose internal material, the steelmaking billet problem, only the giant steel mill can exceed the internal inseparable technical standards, especially in diameter. Approximately 75 mm, the steel slabs of most steel mills, although capable of designing, have a low compression ratio and hardenability, that is, they are not tight.

Four: Bend the bar. The key reason for the bending rod is that the strength of the steel is very low and soft. If it is subjected to an external force such as an impact force in the ball mill, it is very easy to bend. If there is a bar bent, it will cause the parallel faces of the steel bars in all the ball mills to be arranged.

The left and right points are common problems in the work of wear-resistant steel rods. Therefore, the wear-resistant steel rod manufacturers remind everyone: When buying steel rods, everyone must pay special attention to quality, otherwise it will endanger work efficiency. The required level also increases the cost.

Rod mill steel rod application actual effect

The model specification of the rod mill is 3.7*6.3m, the rod is initially installed with 63 tons, and the steel rod is 88.081 tons. The actual friction coefficient is 169.7g/T. The actual effect is very good, there is no broken rod and bending rod problem.

Rod mill main parameters

Rod mill model specification 3.7*6.3m, feed size distribution <13 mm, solid content: 1200-1800g/L; alkali water content: 235-350 g/L.

The advantages of Houde wear-resistant steel rods are given:

(1) Excellent wear resistance, the actual effect of wear resistance is 1.6-2 times that of cold rolled steel bars, which saves customers a lot of cost.

(2) The new method is adopted for manufacturing, and the specifications and specifications can be adjusted according to the requirements of customers. The coordination ability is greatly improved, and the extravagant waste is removed.

(3) Increased the use period, saved the cost, eased the human capital of the employees, and did not have to worry about adding the steel rod to the ball mill every day, and much better increased the production volume.

(4) Reduce the difficulty factor of magnetic separation and improve product quality. The silica sand manufacturing industry is particularly concerned about this article.

The rod mill rod mill is rotated by the motor according to the speed reducer and the nearby large gear speed reduction drive system or by the low speed synchronous motor immediately according to the nearby large gear speed reduction drive system. The barrel body is equipped with a moderate grinding medium - steel rod. Under the effect of centripetal force and sliding friction, the grinding media is raised to the required aspect ratio, falling down or falling off. The machine-grinded raw materials are continuously fed into the inside of the head by the feeding port, and are broken by the grinding medium of the fitness exercise, and the goods are discharged into the machine according to the overflow type and the energy of the continuous feeding to carry out the next section. Process safe operation. When the specified product particle size distribution is 90% lower than 2.2% to 0.6mm, the rod mill is usually used, and the particle size distribution of the rod mill is usually not more than 4.7mm, not less than 0.5mm, and the rod mill is fed. The particle size distribution is 90% lower than 30mm to 4mm, and the distribution of the ore size is also 60mm. Because of the material of the grinding rod, etc., the length of the grinding rod can not exceed 6.1 meters, otherwise it will lead to bitter fruit and other bitter fruit, so the specifications of the rod machine have not exceeded the specification model 4.7 × 6.3 meters. When the iron ore is fed into the rod mill, the coarse particles are at the ore end, and the fine particles are at the end of the discharge: therefore, the rod group cannot be completely parallel and is skewed during operation, which is not limited to the grinding rod. One long reason. The crushing ratio of the rod mill is 16:1 to 30:1. The basic grinding step of most overseas plants is composed of a pulverizer, a rod mill and a ball mill. In the concentrating plant in China, the rod mill is rarely used. The ball mill's ore distribution size is high, resulting in energy consumption, grinding media consumption, e-board consumption and so on. Because the rod mill touches on the wire, the large raw materials are firstly ground and have the purpose of grinding. Therefore, the product particle size distribution is narrow, the product size distribution is uniform, the over-crushing problem is less, and the grinding efficiency is higher.

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