Remote online monitoring and fault analysis system for raw material grinding reducer

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Any shutdown of any key unit on the cement production line will result in the suspension of production. Such key units need to maintain safe operation during the production process, and equipment management personnel need to control the safety status of the unit at any time. How to do well-preferred maintenance of equipment based on condition monitoring technology in the production and operation process, early detection of equipment failure signs, avoid major accidents, reduce the number of downtimes, ensure the continuous and safe operation of these units in the production process, and improve the rotation The kiln operation rate is the common goal pursued by the cement industry.

Raw material grinding main reducer 1309A is the key power transmission unit of the raw material production process of 5000T/d new dry process cement production line. The motor of this unit is the product of Lanzhou Motor Factory, and the main reducer is the product of FLENDER Company of Germany. Previously, the health status of the equipment was evaluated mainly by the vibration sensor installed by the FLENDER manufacturer on the base of the main grinding gear reducer. The speed vibration signal is introduced into the DCS system to give the base vibration intensity value, the warning value is 6mm/s, the high alarm value is 8mm/s, and the normal value is about 1.0mm/s.

In the past, the method used for unit health assessment was often to invite foreign monitoring companies to bring their own portable monitors to the site for temporary analysis. This kind of temporary monitoring analysis can not meet the safety management requirements of continuous operation. Especially when the unit needs to quickly understand what problems need to be dealt with during the equipment stoppage before the stop, the monitoring analysis of such temporary invitation is often passive due to the lag requirement. .

The related technology of the remote on-line monitoring and fault analysis system of the raw material grinding reducer obtained the invention patent . The cloud storage-based real-time database and fault diagnosis analysis software of this project has reached the international advanced level. The core elements of the project (remote intelligent online data acquisition equipment OMS9000, data transmission software MDC9000, cloud storage-based real-time database MDBASE, behavior audit system, distributed remote state monitoring and fault analysis system DMS9000, equipment predictive maintenance management The system CBM9000, etc.) is a state-owned independent intellectual property right, safe and controllable.

The remote on-line monitoring and fault analysis system of the raw material grinding reducer performs multi-channel parallel data collection on the cement clinker production line equipment through intelligent data acquisition equipment, and realizes online monitoring and fault analysis in two ways: local and cloud platform. Equipment management functions with substantial innovations, such as diagnostics, assessment of equipment health status, and potential failures of early pre-discovered equipment.

In the drive motor of the main gear reducer, the input end of the reducer and the corresponding parts of the key components of the reducer system and the bearings, install a plurality of vibration sensors in accordance with the ISO10816 standard principle, and grind the raw materials through the online monitoring system. The vibration data of the vibration sensor of the reducer is continuously collected by the OMS9000CR in the current intelligent data acquisition equipment and transmitted to the DMS9000 online monitoring system database through the network. The enterprise equipment management personnel can access, query, and browse the current status of the equipment in any client of the enterprise office network, and analyze, diagnose, and evaluate the health level of the unit in real time. After the system is put into operation, the hidden troubles of the raw material grinding reducer equipment can be discovered in time, and the technical support and decision-making basis are provided for the continuous and safe operation of the equipment in the production process.

The remote online monitoring and fault analysis system of raw material grinding reducer has brought obvious economic and social benefits to the enterprise. According to incomplete statistics, the effective operation rate of key host equipment is increased by 1% on average, the equipment failure rate is greatly reduced, and equipment maintenance and maintenance costs are reduced by 10%.

The remote online monitoring and fault analysis system of raw material grinding reducer has high practical value and broad market prospects. It has made important contributions to improving the equipment management level of cement and other process industries and reducing equipment operating costs, with demonstration effects.

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