Problems for the cement industry in the next decade

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At the annual meeting of the cement association this year, cement producers discussed the development strategy of the sector. The six key issues are as follows:

1. Develop environment-friendly cement industry

The cement industry has also determined that environmental issues will be an important factor in determining production and operational efficiency for some time to come.Without a fundamental solution to sustainable development, cement production will face huge challenges.

2. Continue to expand investment, improve technology and increase productivity

Labor productivity in the cement industry is very low.Due to competitive pressures, small plants (clinker capacity <2,500 mt/d), high fixed costs and low margins are becoming increasingly inefficient.

cement industry

3. Only invest in cement production lines capable of more than 5000 tons of clinker per day

Type I capacity chains (e.g. Songmhao with a rotary kiln capacity of 2,500 tons of clinker per day) are unlikely to be effective.Margins are very low due to small capacity, low Labour productivity and high fixed costs (over $12 / t).So next time, there will be a policy to increase capacity on some low-capacity production lines, or even to acquire less efficient brands.

The fact that the whole industry has been producing for nearly 20 years also shows that it is very difficult for low-capacity factories to produce, operate and develop brands.

The meeting also said investment, if any, should be made to produce more than 5,000 tonnes of clinker per day to ensure long-term productivity.


4. Continue to promote investment in natural gas emission systems

This is a major policy in the industry, as mentioned in the cement plan since 2011.So far, there are more than 10 production lines in the industry that have installed the system, and it is basically effective, some of it is very effective.

Investment in the installation of waste gas power generation system can not only partially solve the internal power consumption demand (20-25%), but also help reduce dust emission into the environment, system temperature drop...This helps extend filter dust, extend engine life, and improve fan system performance by 15-20%.At longshan cement, where the dust emitted through the chimney is barely visible, the dust concentration measured here is only about 12 to 17 mg/m 3, much lower than the standard allows.


5. Applications of the technological revolution 4.0

In the face of competitive pressure, under the background of the fourth technological revolution, the whole industry has accelerated the application of information technology in production, business and training management.Create human resources, invest deeply, improve management system, improve productivity and quality.

Departments should have appropriate awareness and focus on building and developing internal information systems, including connections, interconnections, but still ensuring safety and security.It is necessary to establish a website to communicate with customers and partners in a transparent and timely manner.Build an internal database system to effectively update, utilize and use, thereby significantly reducing transaction costs.

Through the network management and management can help enterprises to save a lot of costs by optimizing resources and time;Help deal with the transaction timely.


6. Turn the cement plant into a waste treatment facility

In order to change society's perception of cement production facilities, the cement industry also needs to make significant changes in research on the use of cement.Industrial solid waste (ash, blast furnace slag...) as an input material in place of traditional additives (mining or import).

On the other hand, before the price of coal rises, the unit also needs to study switching to using hot waste as an alternative fuel.However, the meeting also said that these were not simple issues and that there were many shortcomings, particularly past legal obstacles.In order to use ash and gypsum as input materials, these products need to be commercialized and must be considered as commodities with adequate standards, quality...In accordance with the law.And according to market rules.

To use waste as an alternative fuel requires strict laws and regulations and the establishment of a classification system for sources.This may require participation in the local political system.

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