Preliminary preparation for the establishment of cement plant

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Cement plant general drawing design involves multi-disciplinary, multi-domain knowledge, in the design should be combined with the social, economic, environmental, production technology, planning content of cement plant general drawing design, strengthen the integration and connection of each link, to ensure that the overall design with operability.

1. Site selection principle

Plant site selection is a very careful work, pay special attention to economic rationality and land conservation to do in-depth and detailed investigation and economic and technical analysis, carry out multiple options than selection, put forward site selection report.In the phase of site selection of cement plant project, the design should be carried out in combination with the land use nature and planning objectives proposed in the general plan of land use and the general plan of the city where the project is located, in line with the requirements of the general plan of the city.Considering the local enterprise distribution characteristics, industrial land distribution, urban form and structure, the site selection of cement plant is comprehensively considered.Normally, cement plant site selection should choose in the planning of industrial park, industrial park land area in the overall urban planning and design, is through the city's economic development, industrial structure factors such as the multiple perspectives analysis, position is located in the industrial land reasonable location in the city, and to ensure the minimum industrial park on the surrounding environment pollution, industrial development can promote quickly in the future.Cement plant in the selection, should be defined in the urban planning of the industrial area for a reasonable site selection, site selection should be consistent with the overall planning and convergence, on the one hand, should consider the cement plant site selection traffic convenience, familiar with the traffic network system in the general plan, choose the traffic network coverage dense area for the plant;On the other hand, the supply of water, electricity and other infrastructure in the industrial park should be connected with the urban pipe network, and cement plants should be set up in areas with perfect infrastructure, which is conducive to the follow-up operation of cement plants.Once the selection of cement plant is separated from the city's overall planning content, it is inconsistent with the planning, which may lead to the cement plant's selection is not approved by the relevant departments.

2. Convenient, smooth and economical technology

At the present stage, the production of industrial enterprises takes the "chain" production structure as the main body, and each production link and process are connected with the production chain in order to carry out assembly line operations.In the general drawing design of cement plant, the designer must be familiar with the production process and equipment functions.Cement production process is rather complicated, the author summarizes and analyzes the actual work, and puts the cement production process into three systems: raw material storage, processing system, clinker firing system and cement powder system.When designing the general plan of cement plant, a variety of schemes should be designed, and the advantages and disadvantages of each scheme should be analyzed, and the optimal scheme with comprehensive comparison of economy, technology and efficiency should be selected.

The general drawing design of cement factory should ensure that the cement production line is as short and convenient as possible, such as shortening the belt conveyor corridor and chute, which can not only save energy consumption and construction cost, but also improve the running speed of the factory.In the overall design drawing of the cement plant, the layout of each item construction project should be coordinated and reasonable, determine the route of cement material transportation, shorten the distance of transportation belt as far as possible, save production and operation costs, and improve the production efficiency of the cement plant.Cement plant streamline process is smooth and convenient, is to ensure the efficient operation of the base.The choice of different production process will lead to different layout of each item construction project in cement factory.

cement plant

3. Reasonable transportation network layout and smooth logistics and transportation principle

In the design of cement factory, the material transportation should be smooth and safe.Cement factory gate should be set people, car shunt door, and to the vehicle transport section of the car scale, do transport vehicles "one-way, downstream".

Cement plant plane design should ensure that the process of continuous operation and transmission, avoid the flow of cross transmission, reduce transport efficiency.When setting up transmission lines, the distance of the lines should be shortened as far as possible and the principle of proximity should be adopted.


4. Plan layout according to local conditions

Terrain geological conditions of the factory, had a great influence on cement plant plane layout, in complex mountain or valley topography, designers need to live at the early exploration, insight into the factory area geological environment, elevation, slope, such as basic data, estimation and demand conditions, slope design, ensure the reasonable slope drainage, construction cost and operation cost minimum.The hydrogeological condition, geological structure, bearing capacity, flow direction and buried depth of the plant should also be fully mastered, so as to determine the location of cement plant construction.According to the local natural environment, climate change, terrain slope, traffic conditions and so on, choose the production technology and operation equipment suitable to it.Make full use of the topographic characteristics of the construction area, reduce the amount of earth and rock fill or excavation as far as possible, through the selection of continuous production process and process combination, from the overall point of view, in order to adapt to different environmental conditions of the cement plant construction overall layout.

5. To summarize

On the basis of mastering this professional knowledge, design workers should also be familiar with the theoretical knowledge of urban planning and architecture, and combined with practical cement plant design work, skilled application of theoretical knowledge in practical design work, in order to do a good job in design work.

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