Noise control of cement plant

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The work of all kinds of large-scale equipment in the cement plant is to produce strong noise, which is far more than that of the people, and has a serious effect on the health of the first-line workers. Based on the analysis of noise sources, Jiangsu Lvssn has a good noise reduction effect on the basis of the noise control of the cement plant.

The conventional equipment of the cement plant is provided with a fan, a cooling fan for clinker cooling, a rotary kiln axial flow fan, a raw material grinding circulating fan, a kiln tail high-temperature fan, a tail exhaust fan, a raw material mill and a cement mill workshop, and the like. The noise source can be mechanical noise, aerodynamic noise, electromagnetic noise and combustion noise. In the case of cement plants, mechanical noise is generated in the work of the mill, the crusher and the like, and when the fan works, the air power noise is generated, and the electromagnetic noise is generated when the motor works.

The low-noise equipment is adopted, such as the vertical roller mill and the roller press in the grinding equipment to replace ball-milling, the centrifugal fan adopts the low-noise type and the low-speed, and the Roots blower adopts the low-noise three-blade Roots blower in priority, and the air compressor takes the advantage of the screw type compressor;

The high-pressure centrifugal fan and the Roots blower are installed with a silencer, and the equipment for sending the noise shall be placed in the plant or the sound insulation cover or the sound insulation wall is added outside the plant, and the heavy equipment such as the crusher and the ball mill is generally placed in the plant due to the large volume and the maintenance requirements, and the wall with good sound insulation performance is adopted. Door and window measures to reduce noise:

The noise level of the ball mill is reduced below 85dB, and the ideal way is to use the sound insulation room. The wall, door and window, etc. of the sound insulation room shall have sound insulation performance; according to the intensity of the noise of the equipment, the ventilation or air filtration shall be taken into account in the wind machine room in consideration of the sound insulation, and the compulsory mechanical ventilation equipment shall be set to ensure that the room can have a good fresh environment.

The method of reducing the noise of the fan should start with the aerodynamic noise. If the fan is installed well, the inlet and outlet duct is smooth, the noise can be reduced, and vice versa, the noise can be amplified. The air inlet and outlet air pipeline of the fan is provided with a silencer, a weight gain fan, a motor foundation and a rubber vibration isolation pad and other vibration isolation measures, and a sealing cover sealing fan and the like can also be used, Or double-wall sound insulation wall treatment and the like.

For the noise of air compressor, the sound insulation method is adopted, the control room is set up, and the operator and air compressor are separated by closed single layer wall, door and window.

Other measures

The main results are as follows:

(1) using distance attenuation. There should be a certain distance between the strong noise source and the factory boundary. Through the attenuation of the noise with the distance in the propagation, the noise of the factory boundary conforms to the second category of GB12348-?90 "Industrial Enterprise Boundary noise Standard", and the influence of noise on the surrounding environment is reduced.

(2) Greening and noise reduction. Through greening, not only trees, lawns and so on absorb sound waves, but also beautify the working environment, make people feel comfortable and improve work efficiency.

(3) Cement plant ball mill, fan and other equipment, using multiple composite sound insulation plate to make sound insulation cover to wrap the whole equipment, in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, reduce the equipment operation noise, these two kinds of equipment is also a large noise source in cement plant.

(4)Some equipment of cement plant, such as fan, is placed in the interior of the computer room, which avoids the use of sound insulation cover, can rely on the computer room for noise reduction, and carries on the sound insulation decoration inside the computer room, including roof, ground, wall, door and window, to ensure the noise reduction effect inside the computer room.

(5) For the conveyor belt in the factory area, the sound barrier is used to block the transmission noise.

(6) In addition to noise reduction for the noise source mentioned above, if the noise has great impact on the plant area and the surrounding area, an acoustic barrier shall be set up around the plant area or between the equipment noise source and the affected area, and the metal structure sound insulation wall can block the air transmission of the equipment.

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