Key points of rotary kiln maintenance

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Safe operation during daily operation of rotary kiln can greatly reduce the occurrence of equipment fault accidents, extend the service life and safe operation cycle of rotary kiln, slow down the damage of refractory materials, reduce the consumption of power and auxiliary materials.

Safe operation of rotary kiln includes correct execution of operating procedures, regular maintenance and repair.Therefore, high attention should be paid to the operation and maintenance of rotary kiln, and its safety operation matters needing attention are as follows:

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1. Strictly abide by the technical operation rules of rotary kiln and strictly control the technological parameters of rotary kiln.

2. Hang the high temperature warning board to remind you not to touch the high temperature parts to prevent scalding.

3. When working around the rotary kiln, you must wear labor protection products (work clothes, hard hat, dust cap, mask, goggles, gloves, labor protection shoes, safety belt, etc.).Short-sleeved shirts and chemical-fiber work clothes are prohibited. Work clothes should be tightly wound to prevent rotating parts of the machine from strangling corners and sleeves and causing accidents.

4. When passing through the observation hole of rotary kiln, wear the fireproof mask and leather gloves. Direct viewing is not allowed.When the observation hole is not used, the observation hole should be closed.Non - workers should leave the kiln head platform to prevent the high temperature smoke ejecting injury.

rotary kiln

5. During operation, do not touch the bearing, reducer or the interior of the big gear housing with hands or other things. Wear safety protection equipment when carrying out maintenance inspection or cleaning.

6. Check whether the contact and wear between the roller and the supporting wheel and the retaining wheel are even, whether there is uneven force or pitting phenomenon.Every 4 hours, check the reducer for abnormal sound and noise.

7. Check the outlet gas and discharge temperature frequently, so as to avoid overheating of the cylinder body and avoid the phenomenon of local burning of the cylinder body.

8. The operation of the feeding machine should be delicate and steady to prevent the shaking of large movements.

9. The kiln speed of rotary kiln should be controlled and stable.

Stable feed and kiln speed are very important.The initial feed quantity and kiln speed of the new kiln should be controlled at about 35% of the design value.The speed of kiln increases with the increase of feeding amount.When the system is running normally, the kiln speed should be controlled at 3.0r/min.

rotary kiln

10. It is strictly prohibited to stop kiln baking to avoid serious collapse accidents caused by "hot bending" caused by temperature difference between upper and lower parts of the cylinder.

Before stopping the kiln, stop the hot air supply first, and then stop feeding.Only when the exhaust gas temperature is below 50℃ and the sludge in the rotary kiln is cleaned can the kiln be stopped.

If the rotary kiln is suddenly cut off due to other reasons, the rotary kiln must be turned by winch or manually rotating cylinder every 15 minutes for 1/4 turn, and the interval time can be increased appropriately after 3 hours.The hot air supply should be stopped when the kiln is stopped to avoid bending the cylinder body.

11. Repair work shall be carried out after listening to the kiln, and a "do not start" sign shall be hung on the motor switch.

12. Do not tie the cloth to the hand or wipe the appearance of the machine with your fingers near the rotating parts. Be careful not to wrap the material around the rotating parts, especially on the supporting wheels.

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