Introduction of main cone crusher

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At present, the main cone crusher products in the domestic market include: simons cone crusher, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

1, spring type (simmons) cone crusher

Spring taper broken from the structure is mainly divided into six assemblies: fixed cone assembly, moving cone assembly, transmission assembly, spring mechanism, bowl-shaped shaft part, frame assembly.The auxiliary part consists of an electrical system and a thin oil lubrication system.

2, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher


The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone has the following six parts:

(1) the lower frame part: the spindle guide pin of the frame;

(2) eccentric sleeve: eccentric sleeve balance ring large bevel gear;

(3) transmission department: shaft sleeve of small bevel gear of drive shaft;

(4) support sleeve: support sleeve locking cylinder locking nut;

(5) adjusting ring: adjusting ring, mortar wall;

(6) moving cone: hammer head ball shaped tile on the broken wall of the body.The auxiliary part consists of an electrical system and a thin oil lubrication system.

The spindle of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher does not move. The adjusting ring is driven by the hydraulic push hand or the hydraulic motor through the adjusting cap, making it rotate in the supporting sleeve, so as to adjust the size of discharge port.

3, single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher


The structure of single cylinder hydraulic cone is mainly divided into six parts :

(1) upper frame assembly;(2) lower rack assembly;(3) moving cone assembly;(4) drive shaft assembly;(5) eccentric sleeve assembly;(6) hydraulic cylinder assembly.The auxiliary part consists of an electrical system and a thin oil lubrication system.

Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher spindle is rotating, under the action of the hydraulic cylinder, the spindle up or down, and then adjust the size of the discharge port.Compared with multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has more advanced and strict requirements on technology and material selection.

4. Comparison of cone crusher performance


Spring-type cone crusher:

Broken cavity shape, the price is cheaper;But maintenance is not convenient;

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher:

Hydraulic protection, automatic cavity cleaning, safer and more efficient production, full feed, higher production efficiency, more timely lubrication;But compared with the spring cone crusher price is higher;

Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher:

Intelligent automatic design, safer production, full feed, ensure large processing capacity, hydraulic centralized lubrication, advanced and reliable, high degree of automation, simple operation;But the price is higher;

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