Introduction of common equipment of cement factory

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By the use of raw materials to divide, limestone by belt conveyor from the mine into the factory, broken by limestone crusher by belt conveyor to the limestone warehouse, the middle dust point has a bag dust collector;Mixing station, limestone, sandstone, iron powder, fly ash (process design is different, the raw material may be slightly different) by belt scale, belt conveyor to raw material mill (now generally vertical roller mill), grinding through the air chute, bucket elevator transport to raw material warehouse.Raw material is sent to preheater by bucket elevator, preheated and decomposed into kiln for calcining, the clinker is cooled by grate cooler, the clinker crusher is broken, and the clinker is sent to clinker warehouse by chain plate machine.Clinker, mixing material and gypsum are pulverized by conveyor to cement mill (ball mill), and the finished products are put into cement warehouse, and shipped out by packing machine or bulk.Meanwhile, there are humidifying tower (cooling dust removal, improving dust specific resistance), electric dust collection (dust removal) and other equipment.Cement plant common equipment, including kiln, raw material vertical mill, cement mill, high temperature fan, exhaust fan, kiln head fan, grate cooler, stone broken, each pump motor and so on need cooling water circulation cooling, and the motor of each big point also need, too much, cement plant have circulating water system.

1, firing workshop:

coal prehomogenization equipment, coal mill, rotor scale, preheater, rotary kiln, cooling machine, etc.

2, cement workshop:

cement mixing, roller press, cement mill, packaging machine, etc.

3, raw material workshop:

limestone crusher (hammer, jaw, etc.), limestone pre-homogenization of the heap and take machine, raw material mill.

4, various metering belt, belt machine, fan, with circulating water system.

The production process of cement is generally summarized as two grinding and one burning, divided into three stages:

limestone raw material, clay raw material and a small amount of calibration raw material after crushing, in a certain proportion of coordination, grinding and allocation to the composition of suitable, uniform quality of raw material, known as raw material preparation;The process of raw material calcining in cement kiln until partial melting to obtain Portland cement clinker with calcium silicate as the main component is called clinker calcining.Clinker plus appropriate amount of gypsum, mixed materials or additives grinding for cement, and packaging or bulk factory, known as cement grinding and factory.

Raw material workshop: limestone crusher (such as hammer, jaw breaking), the limestone in adopting the raw material piling and taking machine, grinding machine burning workshop: coal equipment, coal mill, prehomogenization rotor said, preheater, cooling machine, rotary kiln cement plant, cement mixing, rolling machine, cement mill, packaging machine, etc, and all kinds of measuring belt, belt machine, fan, etc

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