How to turn solid waste into cement material?

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We produce a lot of solid waste in our daily life. Can you imagine that these troublesome wastes can be transformed into raw materials for cement?

The factory is like a garden, without the dusty scene of a traditional cement factory.Solid wastes mainly include domestic and industrial wastes, municipal sludge and hazardous wastes.And solid waste transported here, after high temperature treatment, can be turned into standard cement raw materials, this is the cement plant solid waste comprehensive utilization production line.This production line is professionally called collaborative disposal of dry sludge in cement kilns. Generally, the incineration temperature of solid waste is 1200℃, but the temperature in cement kilns reaches 2000℃. At such a high temperature, harmful substances are quickly 'smoke and ashes'.

This production line has a low investment and can only be modified on the original cement kiln.That is to say, two parts of hydraulic waste storage tank and rotary furnace are added in the original cement production line. After entering the field, solid waste is transported to the rotary kiln through the storage tank. Here, solid waste is incinerated at a high temperature of 2000℃ for about 30 minutes and decomposed into waste residue and high-temperature waste gas.The waste is carried on a conveyor belt to a storage tank where it is used to make cement.

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In terms of recycling, the high-temperature exhaust gas is converted into electricity through closed pipes in the waste heat power station, and finally after adsorption treatment, the emission is pure water vapor.Using waste heat to generate electricity, about 45 million degrees per year.

The integrated production line not only decomposes pollutants, but also turns waste from urban life and construction into treasures."We call it eating dry, squeezing it clean, and breaking it down completely. If it can be used as a resource, then it can be used. If it can be decomposed, it will be discharged to the standard.

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