How does aggregate production line achieve environmental protection?

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The pollution produced by the aggregate production line is mainly dust and noise. Only by making environmentally friendly and efficient production can we obtain higher profits in the highly competitive market. How can the aggregate production line be environmentally friendly?

1. Dust prevention and dust collection measures

aggregate production line

Dust in the production of aggregate production line, material crushing, screening, transportation process of dust, generally known as organized dust, open yard, car transport caused by secondary dust, generally known as non-organized dust.

In the design generally take the principle of prevention and control combination, in the fine before the various process links to reduce dust points as far as possible, the use of airtight performance of good transport and feeding equipment.Pay attention to the shape and Angle of the material pipe when designing the connected material pipe, and reduce the drop as far as possible.High efficiency dust collector with reliable technology is adopted at all dust emission points to ensure that dust emission concentration is lower than the national standard of 20mg/Nm ^ 3.

In order to reduce the influence of dust on the surrounding environment, closed shed and spray dust are adopted for the storage of intermediate material and waste containing soil in the site of aggregate production line.


2. Noise control

aggregate production line

The high noise sources of aggregate production line mainly include the mechanical noise produced by crusher, vibrating screen and air compressor.The source strength is generally 85~115dB(A).For noise control, equipment with low noise or muffler should be selected to reduce the noise of equipment.In addition, measures should be taken to control the noise propagation.

The workshop of strong noise source adopts closed workshop, and adopts greening outside the workshop of aggregate production line to shield the noise production

The technology is isolated to different degrees, so that the noise value transmitted to the 50m outside the workshop is lower than 50dB(A).Meet the national factory boundary noise control standards.


3. Wastewater treatment (wet production line)

aggregate production line

Waste water is mainly domestic waste water and sand washing waste water.After the domestic wastewater is pretreated by the septic tank, it will be transferred to the wastewater treatment station of the factory for treatment. After the treatment, it will reach the standard of reclaimed water reuse and be used as water for the aggregate production line.

After being treated by sand and stone washing and waste cement treatment system, the wastewater generated by sifting is recycled as production water.The waste soil generated from the sludge cake and pre-screening is used for the reclamation cushion of the mine to achieve zero discharge of waste water and mud.

Dry production line this link can not be considered, the focus of pressure in the dust removal process.

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