Embrace industry 4.0

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The cement industry, like all other industries, must negotiate the challenges of maximizing productivity and growth opportunities while reducing operating costs and striving for sustainability.It must also implement these priorities in a complex, diverse and potentially hazardous operating environment.

For those willing to embrace change, industry 4.0 offers a credible opportunity to optimize reliability and cost efficiency.This is especially true for companies operating across multiple sites, where the benefits of improved connectivity and integrated data are more practical.

However, while some companies have accepted the opportunity to reassess their maintenance procedures in light of the efficiencies that digitisation provides, it is fair to say that they are still reluctant to deviate from traditional methods or, in some cases, to invest in any radical approach.Conditions-based maintenance (CBM) plans.

There are many reasons for this - financial constraints and personnel concerns about certain issues - but also a lack of awareness, and a simple habit of being outspoken.The "wait for failure and fix it" mentality is a serious obstacle to long-term reliability, and the cement industry is not immune.However, even the greatest skeptics can clearly see what really proactive maintenance programs can achieve in terms of plant reliability, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness - and given the cheap digital options now available to promote it - they cannot fail to be convinced of its value.

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