Do you know the research and development focus of hydraulic cone crusher?

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The hydraulic cone crusher has improved the working capacity and crushing efficiency and is now the leader in the mining construction industry.Now in metallurgy, construction, hydropower, transportation, chemical industry, building materials industry are widely used.The hydraulic cone crusher has the characteristics of reliable structure, convenient adjustment, economical and practical. It has become an ideal equipment for ore crushing.Do you know the research and development focus of hydraulic cone crusher?

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Based on years of research and development of crusher market customer demand and introduction of advanced technology, jiangsu LVSSN summarized the research and development focus of hydraulic cone crusher.

1. The new type of hydraulic cone crusher needs to provide easier operation for customers, which can automatically adjust the size of feed mouth discharge.

2. During the assembly of the hydraulic cone crusher, the safety cylinder, the lock cylinder and the hydraulic drive cylinder are equipped with three kinds of hydraulic safety mechanisms. Such assembly can play an insurance role and realize the overhaul of the whole machine in terms of fault treatment.

3. The crushing chamber of the hydraulic cone crusher needs a special design, which adopts the principle of intergranular lamination and the corresponding rotating speed. Such a design can improve the crushing ratio and output, and increase the content of the finished material cube.

cone crusher

4. The broken wall of hydraulic cone and the wall of rolling mortar are made of high manganese steel, and the special change of crushing cavity and the material layer protection of laminated crushing can greatly reduce the abrasion of the machine and greatly improve the service life of the crusher.

The development direction of cone crusher is summarized as follows: selective crushing method, high-energy cone crusher and single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher are adopted, and the goal of automatic control of the system is gradually realized.

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