Do you know about hammer head of crusher?

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Hammer head is one of the core parts of hammer crusher, its quality is related to the length of service life, so the hammer head not only has a higher hardness and wear resistance, but also has a higher toughness and impact resistance.

1. Main factors affecting the crushing capacity of hammerhead:


The main factors affecting the crushing capacity of hammer head of hammer crusher include stone hardness, stone viscosity and humidity, final particle size, stone composition, the quality of crushing hammer head and lining board of the crusher itself.

(1) mineral particle size and hardness, that is, the lumpiness and hardness of the broken material.The greater the lumpiness of mineral materials, the higher the requirement for toughness, and the higher the hardness of materials, the more difficult it is to break, the more serious the wear of equipment, the higher the requirement for hammerhead material hardness.Different types of crusher should adopt the corresponding feed size, at the same time should consider the service life of the hammer head, the size of the large hammer crusher into the ore should not be too small.

(2) viscosity and humidity of ore materials.The excessive moisture content of materials has certain influence on the life of hammer head of high manganese steel.Too high water content, the material is easy to bond into a group, resulting in accumulation, aggravating wear of the hammer head of high manganese steel, also easy to cause blockage in the process of material delivery, reduce the crushing capacity.The greater the viscosity is, the smaller the crushing capacity of high manganese steel hammerhead and the faster the hammerhead wears away.

(3) the technical parameters of the crusher will also affect the service life of the hammer head, mainly the power and speed of the rotor.They are not only related to the production capacity of crusher, but also to the degree of impact hardening of high manganese steel hammer head.High manganese steel hammer head impact hardening degree is good, its service life will be extended.The slower the speed of crusher rotor, the smaller the crushing capacity of high manganese steel hammer head.

(4) the size of the internal clearance of the crusher is related to whether there is accumulated material in the crusher bin.If the accumulator exists and the hammerhead cannot press the accumulator down from the grate, the hammerhead will suffer serious wear.

(5) final discharge particle size.The smaller the particle size of the final broken stone, the slower the crushing speed, the greater the wear of the hammer head.Therefore, the maximum size of the crushed ore is equivalent to the width of the grate crack at the outlet, and the width of the grate crack should be within a reasonable range.

(6) basic composition of ore materials.The more fine powder or mud in the material before crushing, the more it will affect the crushing ability of hammer head, because these fine powder or mud are easy to stick, which will affect transportation and accelerate the wear of hammer head.

(7) the better the wear-resisting performance of the crushing hammer head and lining board of the crushing equipment is, the greater the crushing capacity of the hammer head is. Therefore, wear-resisting crushing parts (hammer head and lining board) produced by manufacturers with good quality and stable performance should be selected.

(8)non-broken objects in the crushing cavity of the crusher enter into the machine (such as iron, construction waste, etc.) and have a great impact on the hammer head, which can lead to accelerated wear of the hammer head, or make the hammer head broken and scrapped.

2. Measures to improve the service life of hammer head


Proper use and scientific maintenance are the effective ways to keep the equipment in good condition and improve the service life of hammer head.If the operation and maintenance is not proper, it is not only easy to cause equipment failure, such as vibration, noise, heat, wear and tear, but also can lead to the service life of high manganese steel hammer head greatly reduced.Hammer crusher in daily use and maintenance should pay attention to the following points.

(1). According to the equipment model and design requirements, properly control the feeding size. It is forbidden to put the material beyond the maximum design size into the crushing cavity.

(2). Because of the hammer head castings quality has certain error, when change the new hammer head is best for weighing, according to the quality of the average into several groups, each group's quality and quality of left and right were required to be equal, otherwise the boot when the rotor unbalance is easy to cause vibration cause uneven hammer head pounding, each hammer wear speed, reduce the service life of a complete set of hammer head.

(3). Plate feeder adopts frequency conversion motor to ensure uniform feeding and control the feeding speed to avoid excessive impact on the rotor of the crusher or material blocking in the crusher cavity due to uneven feeding, thus accelerating hammer head wear.

(4). Check the gap between the hammer head and the screen bar, and between the screen bar and the screen bar when stopping, adjust it if necessary, and replace the screen bar regularly, so that it is in an appropriate and reasonable range, which should not only meet the production requirements but also not cause accumulation.The internal clearance of crusher mainly refers to the clearance between the rotor body and the counter plate, grate and hammer head.The size of these gaps depends on the grate and whether there is accumulation near the exit door.If the assembly exists and the hammerhead fails to force the assembly down from the strip, the hammerhead will suffer significant wear.Therefore, in the use of the process, must often adjust the gap of each part, make it in the appropriate range.

(5).Mineral aggregate Good control of the water content, especially in the rainy season production, try not to shovel low-lying, water more ore material into the crusher cavity, conditional best in ore material into the crusher before drying processing, to reduce the moisture in ore material, help to improve the hardness coefficient, increase of hammer crusher work stress and work hardening layer formation, but this method is restricted by crushing material and site requirements.

(6). When the crusher to enter into metal or lining board fall off, easy to cause hammer plate, grate frame damage, bending or hammer head wear speed up, damage, etc., therefore to develop post operation inspection system and rewards and punishment system, play to man's initiative, once found timely stop treatment, will enter the crusher warehouse or metal plate.

(7). The more impurities in the ore material, the more it will affect the crushing capacity of high manganese steel hammer head, resulting in a significant reduction in the hammer head life, so it is very important to match ore materials reasonably, especially mud materials, when poured into the crusher chamber to match limestone ore materials reasonably.

(8). Regularly clean the internal material accumulation of the crusher, the existence of material accumulation causes serious wear and sharply reduce the service life of the hammer head.

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