Cone crusher and the difference between the boring car and the solution

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"Boring car" and "flying car" are cone crusher work may appear in the situation, although only a word difference, but the cause of these two situations and the solution is very different.Cone crusher main machine suddenly shut down, commonly known as "stuffy car".The phenomenon of flying vehicle refers to the instability of the broken cone.Cone crusher and the difference between the boring car and the solution

1. Cone crusher "boring car" phenomenon

Cone crusher

1.1 reasons for stuffy car

(1) the discharge port is blocked. In the production process of the cone crusher, too much or uneven feeding will cause the discharge port to be blocked, which causes the production load of the cone crusher to be too large and the fuse to break, resulting in the shutdown.

(2) the belt is too loose. The cone crusher relies on the belt for power transmission. If the belt driving the groove rotation is too loose, the belt will slip, unable to provide enough power for the normal operation of the machine, resulting in the sudden shutdown of the cone crusher.

(3) the eccentric shaft is stuck. When the eccentric shaft tightening bushing loosens or falls off, there will be no clearance between the two sides of the bearing seat of the rack, and the eccentric shaft is stuck and cannot rotate normally. At this time, the cone crusher will suddenly stop working, resulting in "boring operation".

(4) bearing damage, bearing is a very important part of the cone crusher, used to reduce the friction coefficient in the process of work.If the bearing is damaged, it will not work normally with other broken parts, causing the cone crusher to stop suddenly.


1.2 how to solve the problem of boring car

(1) before starting to check whether the discharge port of the cone crusher is blocked, if so, to immediately clean up, but also pay attention to control the feeding even, not too much or too little;

(2) check whether the tightness of the belt is appropriate and adjust it reasonably to prevent over-tightness or over-looseness;

(3) pay attention to the voltage situation to maintain the stability of voltage;

(4) pay attention to daily maintenance, bearing is extremely important, to do a good job of lubrication, reduce wear;

(5) pay attention to the location of eccentric bearing sleeve, to prevent stuck machine phenomenon.


2. Cone crusher "flying car" phenomenon

Dynamic cone part of cone crusher in the process of production at a certain speed do periodic rotating pendulum movement, but often because of some special reasons, there will be a dynamic cone speed suddenly increase, the body's sudden severe vibration, insurance spring or cylinder in abnormal working state, the working current increases, in an instant return oil temperature rise sharply, this is the so-called coasters.

Cone crusher

2.1 reasons for flying

(1) poor quality of inner wall of cone sleeve, cone sleeve inner wall quality is not good, resulting in the formation of point friction between cone sleeve and spindle, oil film is destroyed, resulting in spindle rotation out of control, resulting in "flying car".

(2) the gap between the copper sleeve and the spindle is not suitable. If the gap between the copper sleeve and the spindle is too large or too small, it will affect the cone crusher.When the clearance is too large, the cone sleeve and the spindle will collide, the moving cone will be violently yaw, resulting in strong vibration of the body.Clearance too small, may make the copper sleeve and the spindle contact place of lubricating oil reduce or drain dry, unable to form lubricating film or oil film thickness is not enough, causing "flying car".

(3) improper scraping and grinding of the ball tile. If improper scraping and grinding of the ball tile during maintenance, it will reduce the radius of the contact sphere and increase the speed of the circumferential line. Centrifugal force will slowly form when the speed is too high, leading to the phenomenon of "flying car".

(4) cone sleeve load is too large, cone sleeve operation, non-broken into the cone crusher crushing chamber (too iron), resulting in too much load, resulting in fixed cone sleeve zinc casting off, cause cone sleeve up, the clearance between the spindle and cone sleeve smaller, forming a "holding shaft", the spindle will follow the eccentric sleeve fast operation and "flying car".


2.2 how to solve the problem of flying cars

(1) Ensure the full contact between the spindle and the cone sleeve, ensure the assembly clearance between the inner and outer holes of the cone sleeve, and ensure the contact between the spindle and the cone sleeve along the whole length (add a pad on the spherical bearing bearing base to change the clearance between the cone sleeve and the moving cone). The cone sleeve and the axis sleeve must be fixed with melted zinc alloy to ensure that there is no relative movement between them.

(2) The assembly clearance of empty eccentric shaft sleeve and nylon vertical sleeve is reasonable. Excessive clearance will cause a great tilt of the empty eccentric shaft and spindle, leading to the failure of full contact between the broken cone and the eccentric sleeve, which will lead to local overheating of the bush, increase of oscillation amplitude, and aggravation of vibration;Too little will cause heat inside and outside bushing.

(3) uniform feeding, cone crusher work, feeding to uniform, not offset.If the feed is uneven, the production capacity will be reduced, the product size is too large, the spring action is frequent, the pressure of the bowl bearing is high, and the power consumption will rise.Too much pressure can also lead to "flying cars" and shaft accidents.

There are many reasons for the cone crusher "boring car" and "flying car", only in the actual operation of the continuous summary of experience, and in strict accordance with the operation and maintenance procedures of the equipment for operation, correct treatment of fault, in order to effectively improve the cone crusher production efficiency and production benefits.

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